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Things To Consider When Using CBD Oil For Cats




Cat Looking At CBD Oil

There are many ways your cat can benefit from CBD oil. But for your feline companion to get the best out of it, you need to be able to know just how to use CBD for cat treatment. Some studies show how the human body reacts to cannabis, and we can say that this also applies to animals too. If you use marijuana or Hemp products occasionally, you will agree that some side effects come with excessive use. And this is why you also want to take necessary precautions when using cannabis on pets. 

While it is entirely safe to use CBD, you can only be sure that it will not put your cat at risk if your purchase from a licensed dealer. While there are many available resources where you can find CBD oil to buy for cats, you should check the Holistapet site and browse through the range of products on offer. There is a high chance you will find just the right fix for your feline on there. 

Some of the essential things you want to consider when looking to give your cat CBD oil includes:

Vet's Recommendation 

It is always best to check with your vet before deciding on any form of alternative treatment for your pet. The CBD industry is still new, so there is no much regulation on how to use it for treatment in both humans and animals. So you want to consult an expert who will be best equipped to guide you on the best treatment option to go with. They could also help with recommendations on a suitable product, and also the right dosage to use for your cat. Your vet is the right person to talk to, and since they know about your cat's health and conditions, they should be able to assist you. 

Pet's Condition 

The health condition of your cat is another factor that will decide if you should go with cannabis or find another treatment. The fact remains that other forms of medication could help your cat feel better. With proper guidance from your vet, it will be a lot easier for you to know just the right dosage for your pet. When treating minor ailments like stress and joint pain, a drop or two every six hours can do the trick. Whereas if you are dealing with a sickness such as cancer, then you will need a higher dose and also administer more often.

Pet Age and Weight

Cat Eating From Dish

When using CBD oil for cats, another thing you want to consider is the age and weight of your feline. Just as it will be unsafe to use a high dose of cannabis for a kid, so it is too for a kitten. Adults are more mentally equipped to counterbalance the effect of THC, which is why it is best to use CBD oil for grown-up cats. If you must use it on your kitten, you want to follow the dosage instruction on the packaging. If there is none, then you may have to start with tiny drops and examine how it affects them. This should help you in finding the right dosage that is safe for them. 

Smaller cats like the Devon Rex and the American Curl will need a small amount of CBD compared to larger ones like the Main Coons, and the Ragamuffin Cats will need a much higher dose since they are heavily weighted. Most of the best products have information on the dosage according to your pet's weight. Just in case, you can check the link below for how to administer cannabis to your pet according to weight.


You want to get your CBD oil from legitimate sources. Like I mentioned earlier, it is best to shop from authorized stores like Holistapet. They have provided all the information you need to help your cat feel better with their CBD range of products. You want to avoid also getting your pet high on cannabis smoke. The best method is to use tinctures or go with edibles as they are quickly absorbed in the bloodstream and safer for your pet to handle. 

Read labels and do your research properly on any particular products before using them on your pet. Online reviews are an excellent place to learn about a product, so you want to look up some CBD sites and see what products are getting the most positive reviews from other feline parents before choosing on a particular brand. 

Final Note 

A lot of people worry about the safety of cannabis for pets, as a lot of them know it to be a hallucinogen. The truth is there is a difference between marijuana and Hemp. Marijuana has a high amount of THC, while Hemp contains little to zero amount of the cannabinoid. 

It would be best if you follow the recommendations from your vet and stick to the instructions on the product label.

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