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Tips for Choosing the Best Medical Scrubs




Two doctors performing surgery

Your medical uniform can have a big impact on your work. There is a direct relationship between what you wear and how productive you are at work. Clothes can not only impact your self -image but also the perception of others regarding your profession. What you are wearing makes you feel better about yourself and your work. This results in an improved work environment both for you and your colleagues. Patients are also affected because the demeanor of nurses plays a key factor in patient recovery. So if you are out shopping for scrubs Dallas, how do you pick the right one? 
The Evolution of Scrubs 
Before the 20th-century nurses wore uniforms that were simple dresses. Doctors were often men and they would just wear their regular clothes while performing duties. They did not use aprons and their clothes were not sterilized. 
However, in 1918 the emergence of the Spanish flu raised the possibility of germs spreading. Doctors now appreciated the need to wear masks but the main aim was to protect the doctor from the patient and not vice versa. 
In the 1940s high hygiene standards became more important and the medical staff wore white aprons to reflect this. Yet, this changed because bright colors reflected on the lights causing eye strain and so a green shade was introduced in the 1960s. 
The green uniforms became standard in the 1970s and have been adopted by many medical facilities up to today. 
Factors to Consider When Choosing Medical Uniform 
You are fortunate if you to have the freedom to choose your own scrubs Dallas and so you don’t have to settle for something that you don’t feel comfortable wearing. There are more options if you want to get appropriate work gear. 
  • Know your options: some of the top options you will want to consider as you choose your scrubs are cut and style and color. The style of a shirt can be a deep v-neck, square top or round neck. Chose the one that is most comfortable for you. There is also the option of long or short shorts that have pockets. These options will make more sense depending on the nature of your work. You will have more freedom to choose colors if your department does not dictate what colors you need to wear. Prints are a fun way to make your patient feel at ease especially if they are children. If you want a clean look whites are great although it can be hard to maintain this look in a busy environment. Colors also help to bring out your facial features. 
  • Choose the scrub your suits your body style: the uniform you wear should be both comfortable and flattering. Choose the kind of gear that suits your body type. For instance, if you have an athletic build, tops that define your waist can flatter your physique. You may also want to wear flare plants that complement your natural build. 
  • Add a personal touch: clothes reflect your personality and the same applies to scrubs. Classic medical uniforms open a wide variety of opportunities for you to create a sense of style. You can get uniform in various shades of cool colors such as blue to create a unique look. Another fun way to accessorize is to add subtle jewelry to complement your color choice and style. Just be sure to stay within the boundaries of the rules and check with your organization before doing anything extreme. 
Proper Care 
It is easy to overlook basic things when you are working long shifts. Wearing stained uniforms can have a poor reflection on you. Treat the stains as soon as they appear in order to have a clean look. It is also helpful if you keep a few extra sets to change in case you need to change during emergency cases. The quality of the uniform you buy is another important factor to consider. Since you will often wash them, choose a durable type of fabric that will not quickly wear and tear. Low-quality ones might easily fall apart after some time. 
Your Feet Matter Too 
You will be either standing or walking for the most part of the day so it’s imperative to ensure your shoes are comfortable such as Crocs. Shoes are like accessories that are not only stylish but functional. They protect your feet. 
Comfortable shoes are available in a wide variety of colors and styles and you can get ones that match the type of uniform you wear. You can also decorate the shoes to your liking bit check the rules at your hospital. 
Should you Wear Scrubs in Public? 
There has been an ongoing argument as to whether it is appropriate for nurses and doctors to wear scrubs when they are outside their workplace. Some people do so just to show off. There is a certain prestigious status that comes with being in the medical field. On the other hand, for others, it might be just because they had to get out of the hospital as soon as possible after a stressful shift. Many medical facilities don’t have to changing rooms and showers. This results in the staff getting out of the work environment with their uniforms.
However, recent studies have shown that wearing a medical uniform in public could expose others and people in your household to harmful bacteria. Thus, some hospitals will require its staff to remove the uniforms while in public. This policy has been created in a number of developed countries. 
Your scrubs don’t have to be of one solid color or plain. There are a lot of colors to choose from that add personality. With a good pair of matching shoes, you can still look and feel great while working in this busy environment. You will just need to be considerate of the hospital’s rules and your uniform should match with the other members of staff. Patients will feel more confident in your services.



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