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Top 5 Eye Exercises That Can Help Prevent Deterioration And Improve Eyesight




Young woman with blue eyes

Did you know that eye exercises can help you improve your eyesight? These exercises are also about preventing deterioration of your eyes as you age. You might be interested in knowing that eyes actually have muscles. It's time to give those muscles a workout. You can do that after taking a look at these top five eye exercises from New Jersey Eye Center

One thing that eyes do with the use of muscles is blink. Therefore, blinking exercises can help you out for sure. It's not leg day. It's eye day. Okay, so you can't get off the hook that easy. It's still time to hit the gym or do whatever you need to do to get the cardio and strength training in, but working out your eyes is much easier, isn't it? 

For blinking exercises, the recommended workout is three reps of 15 blinks, with a 20 second eyes closed intermission in between each rep. It's kind of comical thinking about eye reps, right? Just wait until you hear about this next eye workout. It's all about zooming.

When you think about zooming, technology comes to mind, and it can be quite funny thinking about the possibility of zooming in with your eyes. We can't do that, but you can bring objects at a distance closer to your eyes. In a sense, you are zooming in, but of course the object is just getting closer to you. 

There is no recommended set of reps for the zooming workout, but it is an exercise that can help you improve your eyesight. There are more complex exercises with more steps and stipulations, such as the Figure of Eight. It's easy once you get the hang of it, but the instructions are definitely a little technical. Still, it is one exercise that you might want to try as well. 

Basically, you're going to be sitting down, hands on your knees. You use your thumb, pointed upwards after making a fist, to draw a figure eight. You do this with your right hand, and then you repeat the exercise using your left hand. It's interesting what they come up with, don't you think? 

There is rhyme and reason to these eye exercises though, and there are more options than what has been mentioned so far. Palming is another exercise that is really simple and easy to do. Have you ever rubbed your palms together to get them warm. You start this exercise by doing that, and then you cup or palm your eyes. 

It is recommended that you do this more than once. Your eyes are absorbing that heat and relaxing. One thing about it is your eyes definitely need rest. We get so much screen time these days, and just in general, our eyes just need a break once in a while. 

Eye exercises can help out, too. One more you might want to try is a technique called shifting. Give those 5 top eye exercises a try and see what you think. We have to keep our eyes in good shape, and the suggestions made can help.



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