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Top 5 Hair Transplantation Centers In Turkey




A man after a hair transplant with full head of hair

To become more attractive is a natural desire of any person. Especially nowadays, when cosmetic procedures are not something unusual anymore, they have become a part of our lifestyle. However, there is one thing that can become an obstacle on your way to beauty — the price. Luckily, there are countries that offer affordable and quality hair transplant procedures. One of them is Turkey.

Turkey is considered a top destination for hair transplantation among men and women from the Arab states, Europe, Russia, & the USA. Doctors provide more than 80,000 hair transplantation procedures annually. We have picked the top 5 hair transplant medical centers in Turkey according to the data of the international platform for medical tourism — Bookimed. We hope it will help you decide where it is best to undergo a hair transplant operation in Turkey. To see more hair transplant centers in Turkey, visit site.

Estetik International

Over 1,000 patients select Estetik International annually, many of them go there to have a hair transplant. These people arrive mostly from the Near East & Europe to get excellent results at the lowest price.

Estetik International is headed by Prof. Bülent Cihantimur, who is ranked among the world’s Top 50 plastic surgeons according to Excellence Awards. The professor has developed an author’s technique to perform hair transplant; it is called organic. Its process is the following — after FUE procedure, a doctor administers stem cells in the head skin to speed up hair transplanting & recovery.

Estetik International is popular far beyond Turkey, among its patients are world-reknowned humans “Barbie” & “Ken”. 

Adem&Havva Medical Center

Dr. Safiye Kurt, a head of the clinic, conducts a hair transplant. Dr. Kurt is the 1st hair surgery specialist in the Gulf countries that has been certified for her professionalism in this field. In 2012, she performed a hair transplant for the Minister of Health of the UAE.

The success rate of the procedure is 97%. This is one of the best results among medical centers where the procedure is conducted.

Adem&Havva has provided about 16,000 cosmetic procedures in total.

Smile Hair Clinic

Smile Hair Clinic is another clinic for hair transplantation. It is situated in Istanbul. The Owners & Founders of the clinic are Dr. Mehmed Erdogan (performed over 5,000 hair transplantations) & Dr. Gökay Bilgin (a specialist in performing hair transplantation to hide injuries and burns). 

The main option for the procedure applied here is Micro FUE allowing transplanting up to 4,000 grafts (a set of follicles) for 1 operation without any traces left on the skin.

Patients from the UK, Ireland, Spain, and Germany have already had this procedure at Smile Hair Clinic. So we guess, your turn is now.

The Turkish flag against blue skiesSALUSS Hair Restoration Clinic

SALUSS Clinic is located in Antalya, located 1.5 km away from the beach. So, a patient can enjoy the beauty on the picturesque sea coast after a hair transplant, while initially avoiding sun exposure, of course. 

More than 600 patients of different age and origin visit SALUSS for hair transplantation in Turkey each year. The clinic provides an all-inclusive price for a hassle-free visit; this already includes a hotel stay, transfer, and even excursions.

The success rate for hair plantation at SALUSS is 95%. This means that 95% of transplanted follicles survive. The medical center gives a lifetime warranty for the procedure to assure patients of its quality and give peace of mind.

HospitalEste Plastic Surgery Center

HospitalEste is a large hospital for cosmetic surgery located in Istanbul. People from the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Russia routinely visit HospitalEste to have hair transplantation.

The main specialization of HospitalEste is hair transplants. Doctors carry out a procedure using seamless FUE option + PRP (platelet-rich plasma) injections to boost the growth of hair follicles. 

Hair transplant surgeons here have over 15 years experience, so you will receive a perfect result choosing HospitalEste. 

​These are just a of the clinics where you can undergo a hair transplant in Turkey. We hope this list will help you to decide on the best clinic to change your appearance and return restore confidence.



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