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Top 7 Tips Every Caregiver Must Know to Deal with Dementia Patients




A care worker helping a patient in a lush garden

According to Senior Guidance, there are at least 5.8 million people who are suffering from dementia. If you are caring for your loved ones who are suffering from dementia, then it won't be intuitive. The aim is to help in reducing the numerous challenges which a dementia patient face. Dementia can cause memory loss, overall disorientation, or inability to facilitate communication coherently. Dementia can become a distressing experience if the mental challenges are not handled carefully. Only with regular care and proper approach one can help a dementia patient lead a normal life at home and not at a memory care facility.
Here are some top tips that every caregiver must know when they are dealing with a dementia patient.
Be Polite and Have Patience While Communicating

When a person is suffering from dementia, then they are fighting a constant struggle to regain their thinking and speaking skill that they have already lost. It makes them feel agitated and helpless at the same time. It is very important for a caregiver to be polite and patient while communicating with them. One must take the necessary steps to reduce the mental and emotional pressure that the patient is dealing with. Never show restlessness with people who are already suffering when it comes to processing information. If you are moving very quickly and rushing things, then it will make things more confusing for the patient.
Always Follow the Updated Care Giving Skills

The person who is taking care of the dementia patient must know all the updated caregiving skills. A dementia patient will suffer from memory loss, so it is very important to make them do some physical exercise that can slow down the brain ageing process. Always make them exercise regularly to stimulate blood circulation. Exercise can help them in getting clarity and will help them to focus more. Some brain exercises can also be fruitful.
Listen More Than You Talk

Being a caregiver, you will have to keep certain things in mind when it comes to talking to a dementia patient. A person with dementia will have a lot to ask someone who is near them, and which is why you need to have patience. Always try to maintain a simple talk with them and avoid asking complicated questions. Always ask them questions which they can easily respond with a yes or no. You will have to listen to what they are saying to understand their thinking pattern and what are the difficulties they are facing. There is no reason to talk unnecessarily to a person who finds it very hard to process information.
Don't Ask Reasons or Any Explanations

When a person is facing brain illness or disease, then using logic or reasons can make them feel more distressed, insistent, and agitated. Always try to avoid explaining all the things that will be hard for them to process, and it will make them feel suffocated.
Offer Love and Pay Attention

Shower a lot of love and pay attention to your loved ones who are suffering from dementia. Use small gestures like brushing the hair to holding the hands. You need to make them feel important and reassure that everything will be okay. By paying attention to their activities, you will be able to understand their mental state.
Make Surrounding Peaceful

Clustering has an overwhelming effect on everyone, and it will overload the sensors. If a person with dementia is living in an unorganized room, then it will make them feel more stressed. Always keep them in a room that has subtle colors and is calm. Brightness will act as the stimulant and avoid the busy patterns as they are very demanding, and it will be hard for a dementia patient to process the pattern. One can also play soothing music and create a peaceful ambience. Also use some scented soap, sachets, fresh flowers, and fragrance emitting products in the room as it will work like aromatherapy.
Laughter Can Be Best

Laughter is the best therapy for all people. It has been proved that laughter can help in benefiting people suffering from memory loss. If a person is suffering from dementia, then you can spend some quality time and share some jokes with them to make them laugh as it will work like a medication for relieving stress. It will also help the caretaker to reduce some stress as well.
Taking care of a patient who is suffering from dementia can become stressful and demanding at times. It is a serious responsibility, and the caregiver must not be reluctant. It is very important to keep the dementia patient engaged or calm to improve their living quality. One needs to handle the situation with sensitivity, and a caregiver must focus on developing a deep bonding with a dementia patient. One can also hire a caregiver who has experience in dealing with dementia patient. Another option is to seek the help of assisted living facilities with dedicated dementia or Alzheimer’s care units.

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