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Touchless Toilets are here to prevent the Spread of Toilet Bacteria




Touchless Toilet DiagramA fairly recent addition to the bathroom remodeling business, touchless toilets are fairly common in public places and are slowly becoming a standard in home remodeling as well. This invention has numerous benefits over traditional toilets, the main one being its role in preventing the spread of bacteria in your bathroom and throughout your home. They are also eco-friendly and very intuitive to use.

Why Choose Touchless?

No matter how often you polish your bathroom or how meticulous you are at it, it is still the most unhygienic room in your entire home. The nature of its use makes it the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. In fact, every time you flush the toilet germs are sprayed up to 10 inches. That means that every time you flush you are letting bacteria like E-Coli, Streptococcus or Salmonella out.

Enter touchless toilets!

This revolutionary design eliminates the need for direct contact with the toilet handle and therefore the risk of contracting dangerous bacterial diseases. The toilet relies on motion detection instead of classic, mechanical toilet handles. A sensor on the toilet emits an electromagnetic field that sends the signal to flush the toilet when interrupted by a wave of your hand. The sensor is powered by four AA batteries and is marked by a special symbol on the top of the toilet lid so you would know where to wave. Once the batteries are empty, the sensor emits a sound alert to remind you that they need to be replaced.

The role of this technology in preventing germ reproduction in your bathroom is instrumental. Not only are these toilets good for your health, they are good for the environment as well. Even though they provide a powerful flush, they save a lot of water compared to traditional toilets.

Why Choose Touchless Over Traditional Toilets

Kohler’s Touchless Toilets

Kohler pioneered this technology and offers touchless toilets in several variants. Kohler Cimaron has a capacity of 1.28 gallons and is a two-piece variant. Kohler Sac Souci has the same capacity, but is a one-piece toilet. Furthermore, if you cannot afford a new toilet, Kohler also offers a touchless conversion kit that can be used on any toilet tank. It is easy to install and replace your old flushing mechanism for good. This way you won’t have to save up and wait until you remodel your bathroom, you could have all the benefits of a touchless toilet on your old toilet.



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