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Treatment Techniques Of A Chiropractor In Pensacola




Chiropractic Benefits

The Art of the Chiropractic Service

This is one of the many forms of alternative medicine as a means of treating the skeletal muscle system, in particular the spine i.e. central nervous system. Chiropractors are the people who practice this form of therapy and they are not doctors or physicians. Its founder was a man by the name of D.D.Palmer. who introduced it back in the late 1800s.

The main treatment technique comprises of manual therapy, things like manipulation of the joints, spine and soft tissues. In addition, the inclusion of exercises and a healthy lifestyle is also prescribed. 

The main reason people go to a chiropractor is because of back-pain. This can be caused by a number of things such as stress, work – sitting for too long periods, injury either by an accident or through sports, sometimes people are born with spinal damage or alignment problems, etc. but usually only mild to moderate pains.

If you do suffer from things like back pains or joints problems, it may be worth trying it out to see if it has any positive effects on you. Most professional chiropractors will offer you an initial face to face consultation to explain the process with you to see how they can help. They are not too far away and if you are in Florida you can reach out to a chiropractor in Pensacola. For injuries through accidents or sports or just for some massage therapy to relieve stress.

Chiropractor working shoulders

There are various different treatment techniques that chiropractors use. Some of which are:

Manual or Manipulative Type of Treatment

Came about in North America, therapies like osteopathy and chiropractic became widely popular. And this is where Spinal manipulation started to also gain recognition. The basic means of treating is by using hands to massage the spine and related tissues

Atlas Orthogonal 

This is a specified technique that focuses on the treatment of the upper cervical and was originated by 2 doctors in the year 1979. It uses an instrument to adjust the subluxation of the vertebrae, results of which are usually derived from taking an x-ray and seeing the hypothesis. So, the focus is primarily on the upper cervical of the spine. Read more here.

Diversified Technique

Considered the most generic technique. This is a slightly more wide-ranging approach and is also the technique most preferred for use during practice by chiropractic students. It is characterized by a high-velocity, low-amplitude thrust. It’s different from the others in that the objective is to restore proper movement and alignment of the spine and one can often use it to treat joint dysfunctions as well.

Chiropractor working the neck

Activator Methods

The Activator Method also known as AMCT – Activator Method Chiropractic Technique is a method originated by a gentleman by the name of Arlan Fuhr. He created this as an alternative to the manual manipulation technique.  A manually assisted device is used and is known as the softer chiropractic treatment technique. It is s a small hand held device that delivers a small enough impulse to the spine to move it and not to injure it.

According to some facts, it is noted that about an estimated 45,000 chiropractors use this method with their patients. Some studies say that there are minimal results with this type of method but the research is still being done and there were instances where is did assist a few numbers of patients with mild lower back pain. 

Koren Specific 

Or KST, was developed by a doctor names Tedd Koren sometime around the year 2004 and he coined it as a ‘healthcare protocol’ as opposed to a chiropractic technique. This one used both hands and instruments like an ‘ArthroStim’ for assessment. This method however, has not as yet been established in the books or recognised by professional institutions because they feel as its still in its experimental stages.

There are still a few more methods that are used globally like the Graston Technique that uses instruments or the Gonstead technique. Most of these are coined after the people who invented them. The best thing is to read up on them and see which one fits you best, alternatively its always best to book a consultation with a practitioner who can explain everything clearly. 

To sum up here is a list of all the benefits:

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