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What Are Clear Braces? The Benefits of Clear Alignments




Clear Dental Braces

Let’s get down to the first order of business. What exactly are clear braces? These are dental tools that are forged from high-quality plastic that is flexible to suit the needs of each patient. They are more often known as aligners in the dental world. They are often recommended as a more convenient alternative to metal braces. This helps in correcting the positions of your teeth for that picture-perfect smile (read more).

Why You Should Opt For Clear Alignments Instead Of The Traditional Braces

Pocket Case For Clear Dental Braces

•  They Are Visually Appealing 

One of the dominant features that made clear alignments so popular in the dental realm is the fact that it’s invisible. In order for these braces to be seen, you’ll have to be uncomfortably close to the wearer. This variation of braces produces the exact same result as the traditional ones without the expense of your physical appearance.

We all know how crooked teeth can badly affect our confidence. It can make you very self-conscious and somehow insecure. You might find yourself being awfully embarrassed showing your teeth on the public. This makes you quite restricted with the movement of your mouth because you wouldn’t want any teeth to show. You’re too hesitant to smile because of the fear someone would point out your flaw. 

But despite all these negative aspects when having a bad set of dentures, people would go far greater lengths to avoid getting braces to fix them. One major reason is how the traditional braces look. These are the versions that are often seen being worn by nerds in cliché movies. People often avoid metal kinds to avoid any social stigma. 

The fact that clear alignments can aid in straightening out your teeth without the flashy appearance of metal brackets and wires shining every time you open your mouth made it one of the best inventions the human race has ever made. Read more about it here:

•  This Variety of Treatment Is Significantly Convenient 

Its common knowledge that once you commit to getting metal braces you won’t be able to remove them until your orthodontist professionally detaches them. And that is typically done when your treatment is completely finished. So when you commit, you commit. Because those things are stronger than most marriages.
This is where clear alignments have quite an advantage over metal braces. If you weren’t informed, aligners are removable. So it’s important to do extensive research regarding this topic if you don’t want to feel sorry for yourself. 

I mean, imagine getting the metal supports and then you found out, that your dental issue is suitable for the application of clear alignments. Crying your eyes out won’t change the fact that you can’t smile without displaying them silver brackets. 

The fact that this variation is removable is really convenient for the person wearing them. And nothing could make the product more appealing to the mass than it providing more convenience than the other alternatives that are available in the market.

You can easily pop them out by yourself wherever you are. You just need a travel-friendly hygienic case to place them in whenever they’re not on your teeth. This is highly beneficial when you’re about to dig in a meal. Another perk of this particular feature is you don’t have to sacrifice anything when it comes to food preferences. You can still pretty much eat anything you want.

Unlike with the traditional ones, this doesn’t hinder you from eating specific edibles. Food that has the potential of getting stuck between your braces like caramel and taffy, hard produce including corn and apple, brittle knickknacks such as nuts and chewy items like gummy bears are absolutely not recommended when you have metal braces.

•  This Dental Care Occupies a Shorter Time Span

Dental Mold For Clear Braces

When it comes to the duration time of treatment, specific brands of clear alignments offer great results in a shorter time span than metal ones. Although this might be a case to case basis depending on how severe the dental concern is. 

Most patients testified that it took them one year or one year and a half max before they reaped the amazing benefits of clear alignments. Unlike in metal braces, orthodontist usually gives treatments as long as five years. Imagine having that chunky metal on your teeth for a half a decade.

The only con this therapy has is the price tag it comes with. This variety is quite pricey. The cost of clear braces depends on which and where you’re getting them from. Clinics usually offer some type of a payment contract so that their patients who are a little low on cash can still avail of the service.

•  They Are Particularly Less Painful 

Adding up to the benefits of translucent aligners is the feature that is a huge deal-breaker for people with a low tolerance for pain. This is for the sensitive humans out there. Unlike metal braces, aligners are relatively more bearable than metal ones. 

Keeping in mind that their main purpose is to aid in correctly positioning your teeth it will require a little bit of force for them to guide your whites properly in the right direction. But aligners are still way ahead of metal braces when it comes to minimizing the level of pain the patient would be experiencing throughout his or her treatment. 

Traditional braces are basically composed of metal brackets bound together by metal wires, or rubber bands and dental cement. We can’t deny the reality that some of those metal bits would protrude. This would damage the insides of your mouth. Especially your gums and you’re cheeks considering the brace would regularly come into contact with them. It would create punctures and bruises that are extremely painful.

Not to mention that the open wounds would sting every time you drink any type of liquid. And some of us are really not a fan of the metallic taste of blood. This scenario is something you can conveniently avoid when you opt for translucent aligners. Aligners don’t possess any potential sharp material that could pierce through your gums (see article). 

These are made of plastic, making the surface of the product smooth and safe to wear. It is also important to bear in mind that when you’re wearing traditional braces you have to physically go back for another visit so that your orthodontist can tighten them up. When it comes to aligners you’ll have to replace them for another tray every two weeks.

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