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What Does A Chiropractor Do?




Chiropractor Working Woman's Neck

If you have low back pain that you’ve been complaining about for the longest time, you may get a recommendation to see a chiropractor. Upon hearing this term, you may not immediately know what a chiropractor is. It is only fitting to do your research to determine what they can do to help your present ailment. Here is some useful information to get you started: 

What Are Chiropractors?

So, what does a chiropractor do? Chiropractors are a part of the healthcare industry with a known specialty in diagnosing and treating patients with neuromuscular disorders. Their training involves manual adjustment techniques that help correct spinal misalignments that may worsen overall health. Aside from manual manipulation of the spine, they can provide hot and cold therapies, strengthening exercises, stretching techniques, and even massages. They can also provide nutritional guidelines to their patients as part of their holistic care. 

What Disorders Can Chiropractors Treat?

Many people think that chiropractors only specialize in treating neck and back pain. However, they are also well-versed in treating various illnesses, including: 


Chiropractors can treat patients suffering from sciatica, helping to remove the pressure from the sciatic nerve. They would also bring back the regular motion of the hips, pelvis, and lower back by making regular adjustments and doing some soft tissue release. 

Sports Injuries

When playing sports, the body’s most commonly affected parts would be the neck and the lower back. These body parts are common for injuries, especially for those who run or lift weights as part of their training. The injuries they suffer from usually result from repetitive movements. Chiropractors can make spine or cervical adjustments to help release some of the pressure and resolve inflammation to alleviate pain symptoms. Aside from injury recovery, chiropractors can also make spinal adjustments to help their patients prevent future injuries. 

Arthritic Pain

Patients suffering from arthritic pain can also receive treatment from chiropractors by affording gentle manipulation of the soft tissues to reduce tenderness and prevent muscle spasms. An arthritic hand can worsen and cause the joints to become misaligned. Chiropractors can then use their manual adjustment training to realign the bones of the hand, which can result in reduced inflammation and pain. They can also recommend stretching exercises to help keep the joints limber. 

Tension Headaches and Migraines

When it comes to tension headaches, chiropractors can also help. However, the effects are minimal to none when patients receive manual spinal manipulation. Experienced chiropractors can address tension headaches by doing a modified chiropractic treatment. One of them is the low-load craniocervical mobilization, which involves using a gentler force than what they would typically do in spinal manipulation. The pressure is commonly put on the neck joints, providing rhythmic movement of the cervical segments. In these cases, proper stretching is also critical for success. 

For migraines, another method that chiropractors perform is providing a neuromuscular massage that focuses on trigger points. Note that these massages do not promise any long-term treatment for migraines, but it does afford some symptomatic relief. 

Chiropractors are some of the underrated healthcare professionals in the field. When you realize that they do more than crack your bones and provide momentary relief for your aches and pains, you’ll learn to appreciate them more. Their training isn’t easy, and it takes years to perfect these manual spinal adjustments that help alleviate your pain.

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