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What is Disc Desiccation and How Can You Treat it?




Disc Desiccation Annotated X-Ray

When we get older the risk of certain diseases is higher. Also, there are degenerative conditions that can’t be treated but you can at least alleviate some of their symptoms. One of these diseases is the disc desiccation. This health problem is also known as the desiccation of lumbar disc. Unfortunately, this condition is a degenerative one. However, these are some forms of treatment that can help. 

Here you can find what disc desiccation is and some of the most common types of treatment for this disease. Before you choose a treatment make sure to read more about disc desiccation. This condition is a serious one that can cause a lot of pain so let’s see how you can alleviate some of the pain. 

What is Disc Desiccation?

As we mentioned, disc desiccation is a degenerative condition which usually affects older people. The spine is made up of vertebrae. In order to absorb the shock, a spongy disc is placed between each vertebra. Unfortunately, these discs can wear down and cause degenerative disc disease (DDD). 

One of the most common symptoms of DDD is disc desiccation. These discs are filled with fluid and that makes them flexible. When the fluid is lost then the discs dehydrate. That’s what causes the desiccation. This condition can lead to numbness, pain, and weakness in the area. However, in more serious cases some patients can experience impairment in functions of the nerves. 

Disc Desiccation Symptoms 

Unfortunately, when a person suffers from DDD, they can experience back pain. Sometimes, this pain can also radiate from the lower back to the hips or the leg. Also, when the pain is located in the neck it can radiate to the hands or shoulders. 

Aside from the pain, which is common, there are other symptoms you can experience. Most DDD patients suffer from weakness, tingling, and lack of reflexes. Once the disease progresses, patients can experience a high level of pain. 

Treatment Options

There are a lot of treatment options for people who suffer from disc desiccation. First of all, there are traditional options which include medication and surgery. However, there are also alternative methods which have more benefits. 


This therapy is the best alternative medicine option for those who suffer from this condition. A few massage sessions can increase circulation and relieve pain. Also, they decrease tension and can increase the level of endorphins in out blood. Because of this massage can be a great treatment option for people who suffer from anxiety. 

Massage therapy can also help people solve their sleeping problems. Most patients with DDD experience sleep problems because they can’t find a position that is comfortable for their back. With massage they will be able to sleep better and feel rested the next day. 

Yoga Poses

There are a lot of yoga poses that can help alleviate back pain. Also, yoga is great type of workout which is indicated for people who suffered an injury or for older people who can’t perform any other type of physical activity. Always do yoga with an instructor. This way you avoid injuring yourself and causing more pain to your back. 


As we previously mentioned, when alternative medicine options don’t show any effect in alleviate the pain, you can also try medication. Unfortunately, painkillers will only relieve pain for a short period of time. Also, medication has side effects including addiction. Always talk to your doctor and ask for a prescription before you take any painkillers. 


Spinal surgery should be seen as a last resort when all other treatments have failed. This procedure is invasive. Known as a spinal fusion, surgery for disc desiccation is required only in serious cases. When spinal fusion is performed, the surgeon removes the damage disc and it replaces it with an artificial one. Unfortunately, a spinal surgery can create further complications and that is why it’s better to avoid it. 

People who suffer from DDD can also try out a spine collar (for cervical problems) or a corset brace. These are also indicated when lifting. However, when you suffer from this condition it is better to avoid heavy lifting because it increases the level of pain. 


These are the most important things you should know about DDD and disc desiccation. If you experience any of the symptoms you should talk to your doctor and see if you suffer from this condition. Also, older people who are at risk for DDD should go to regular check-ups.

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