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What is the best way to wrap a pallet, by hand or by machine?




Automated pallet wrapping machine

The best way to transport your products on a pallet is to secure them to the pallet with stretch film. 
This provides stability and protects your products during transportation. Of course, the most efficient way of wrapping pallets is by using commercial grade pallet wrapping machines. However, for smaller operations with tighter budgets, larger more expensive equipment like this isn’t always an option.
There are of course, much more affordable options.
Thanks to the Litewrapper CL, the best way to safely transport your products on a pallet has become better and more cost effective. It is actually more than 30% cheaper than conventional methods. You wrap more pallets with less film with Litewrapper CL. 
One bulk pallet of Litewrapper CL wraps more than 7,000 pallets which normally takes four pallets of conventional film rolls. That means less warehouse space, less transportation, less packaging waste and hence a more ethically sustainable business plan. LiteWrapper CL is not only cheaper, it's also more efficient, safer, and more ergonomic.
How does it work? 
The Litewrapper CL works with greater ease than conventional films. Its patented design allows you to quickly hook up and safely walk forward, securing the product to the pallet with ease. With conventional films, there is bending and heavy strength during the hookup. Wouldn't it be more efficient and less expensive to use an automatic pallet wrapper? In fact, no. 
Even before your forklift operators dropped the pallet on the turntable, you have completed wrapping the pallet. With the Litewrapper CL, it takes one minute or less. 
Why is it so easy? 
The Litewrapper CL has many advantages compared to conventional films. With conventional films, there is film shrinkage when securing the load. When the operator applies force, the 18 inch width of film decreases to 9 inches or 12 inches of coverage from the necking down of the film. This results in more revolutions to secure the product compared to the pre-stretched Litewrapper CL film. The Litewrapper CL film has already been pre-stretched by 200% so 18 inches of film stays 18 inches of coverage. 
Finally thanks to the unique design, the Litewrapper CL ensures extra tension and consistent tension during wrapping. This results in a more efficient way to wrap your pallets. 
With conventional film rolls, operators often walk backwards unable to see where he or she is going, and you have to apply a lot of strength to stretch the film. The Litewrapper CL is easy to operate using just one hand. With your other hand, you may apply cardboard edge protectors if necessary. Litewrapper CL can be used to produce alternative wrapping configurations such as roping. There is no limit to the wrap configurations you can achieve. 
The patented Litewrapper CL dispenser is built from lightweight aluminium and synthetic parts. This makes the dispenser strong, durable, and at the same time lightweight. There is no cardboard core in the film roll. The roll easily fits the core of the dispenser. After that, it's ready to use. No cardboard core is needed. Less film to wrap a pallet. 
Much lighter pre-stretched film. So you save extra transportation cost. You do more with less material. This way, you help to reduce a lot of packaging waste which results in a 30% cost reduction.
The Litewrapper CL is available in three different packages. As a starter kit containing 13 rolls of film and 1 Litewrapper CL dispenser. As a refill, and as a bulk pack containing 352 rolls of Litewrapper CL film. For more information, please visit Take a load off your hands with Litewrapper CL.


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