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What Is The Healthiest Way To Consume Marijuana?




Rolling CannabisWhat’s your go-to method when you think about consuming marijuana? If you are like many users, you’ll probably consider smoking because it is a popular method – but it’s not the safest. From lung-related illnesses to complications for people with cardiopulmonary conditions, smoking marijuana should probably be the last option on your mind. Whether you are taking marijuana for relaxation, pain relief, or other luxuries, how you consume it is pretty personal. So, here are a few recommendations to help you decide on the healthiest consumption method for your situation. 

Dabbing is one of the most popular methods of consuming cannabis among enthusiasts. Dabs are cannabis concentrates that you consume by vaporizing in a dab rig. The concentrates are more potent than the raw buds. The high concentration of cannabinoids and terpenes makes the dabs very flavorful. Because you vaporize instead of burning dubs, dabbing delivers a clean taste when done correctly. 
Some popular THC concentrates that you can use with dabbing include butane has oil (BHO), rosin, honey oil, live resin, sauce, crystalline, and budder. Dabbing with a big bong offers immediate and more potent effects than smoking raw buds. The downside to dabbing is the necessity for the tools and accessories. You may also need some time to learn the perfect temperature for vaporizing
Cannabis Tinctures
Cannabis tincture is a concentrated extract prepared by soaking marijuana buds, flowers, or leaves in an alcohol solvent. Tinctures are an excellent option if you prefer smokeless weed consumption. While there are commercial options, tinctures are ideal if you want to explore DIY preparations – all you need is cannabis, alcohol, a jar, and a filter. The most preferred method of consumption is sublingual, where you place a few drops (depending on the dose) under your tongue. This allows the active ingredients to penetrate directly to the bloodstream through the mucosa lining of the mouth. This method, coupled with the potency of the tincture, will yield effects within a few minutes. You can also use tinctures orally by swallowing or adding them to foods or beverages, although the desired effect takes longer to manifest than with the sublingual method.
Cannabis Tea
Marijuana-infused tea is one of the healthiest ways of benefitting from the therapeutic and intoxicating effects of cannabis. You can prepare cannabis tea in three different ways.
  • Infuse water with dry flower buds. This method is less intoxicating because active ingredients (cannabinoids) are less soluble in water
  • Mix cannabis-infused fat (like butter, coconut oil, or other lipids) with water and tea leaves to brew a latte-type beverage
  • A more straightforward method is to add cannabis tincture to your tea
Cannabis-infused tea takes out the amount of sugar and fat you consume with edibles while still providing the benefits of cannabinoids from buds. The tea will retain a subtle weed flavor, and you can add more sugar or milk to balance it out. As with edibles, your body will need to digest the tea, and you may experience delayed effects of up to around half an hour after consuming your tea.
Marijuana Capsules
Marijuana capsules are for oral ingestion and are absorbed through the stomach. The absorbed compounds undergo some metabolism in the liver, where THC is converted to 11-hydroxy-THC. This product has prolonged effects that tend towards sedation. Again, due to the metabolism, the capsules have delayed effects which kick start about an hour later after ingestion. Because each person has a unique metabolism, marijuana capsules produce a different impact on each user. Capsules are an excellent option if you prefer not to inhale marijuana, consume more calories or avoid preparations like cooking edibles. Another advantage is that they have a precise dose, making it easy for you to take daily.
Transdermal Patches
Patches are uniformly dosed cannabis-infused products that resemble nicotine patches. They allow cannabinoids compounds to penetrate the skin and into the bloodstream. They are preferred as medical products over recreational products and are therefore pretty safe. Patches are popular with people who wish to continue going to school or work during treatment. The effects commence in five to ten minutes and may last between eight to twelve hours. The effects are, however, relatively mild and therefore not as fun. You can remove the patches if side effects occur.
Cannabis Edibles
Cannabis edibles are simply foods infused with cannabis. You get to enjoy marijuana without inhaling vaporized concentrates or smoking buds. Advancements in infusion methods nowadays provide you with a range of cannabis-infused foods. These foods include baked products, gummies, seasoning packets, chocolates, cooking oil, breath strips, and more. With edibles, the effects start to kick in anywhere between half an hour to two hours. Because edibles have to undergo metabolism, you may experience delayed effects whose intensity gradually develops to the peak. The duration of feeling high can last for a couple of hours to an entire day, depending on how much you eat.
Marijuana Sprays
Cannabis Sprays contain a mixture of cannabinoids and alcohol packaged in a convenient and portable spray bottle. The sprays offer a quick and easy way of consuming the active ingredients in cannabis. Shake the bottle well to ensure the extract distributes evenly and directly into your mouth, inside the cheek, or under the tongue. Like many other marijuana products, sprays have no recommended dosage. The effects vary depending on the individual and the amount consumed. It is best to start with a low dose (one spray) and gradually increase it as the effects become apparent. You can also begin with spray products with mild CBD levels and advance to more potent sprays. The effects usually take around fifteen minutes to set in. 
Now it’s time for you to explore these methods and find out which one works best for you. All the suggestions do not expose your lungs to harmful smoke. Using tea or edibles is easy, but the effects take a while to show. If you want to experience relief from marijuana immediately, consider using dabs, sprays, and tinctures. The good thing is that you do not have to stick to one technique entirely – you can change up as you please.

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