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What You Need to Know About Premature Ejaculation




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Having good sex is therapeutic and can keep a couple connected for life. For it to reach the intended levels, both parties ought to enjoy fully. When one party enjoys it alone, the connection is lost. Whenever this sex is interrupted by premature ejaculation, it can lead to many problems, including sexual frustrations, backaches, low self-esteem, and many other problems. Unfortunately, premature ejaculation affects about 20% of men. It can also happen to any man irrespective of their mental or physical condition.

What Exactly Is Premature Ejaculation?

People often shorten it as PE, perhaps to put it into perspective. When a man ejaculates in under 3 minutes, it can qualify, as PE is that was not the intention. Ejaculation should be a controlled process that comes because of sexual stimulation. If this process happens without the control of the man, one can self-diagnose as a victim of this condition. Briefly, PE is the involuntary early release of ejaculatory fluids.

What Causes Premature Ejaculation?

Scholars have studied this problem for the better part of the 20th and 21st centuries. They have so far isolated several probable causes. They have not singled out one thing that substantively causes PE. However, they have discovered several causative factors that together can cause PE.

Physiological Issues

Rushed sexual encounters may or may not qualify as PE as long as the ejaculation was controlled. However, continued engagement in rushed sexual encounters could condition you physiologically to doing 2 minutes.

Psychological Problems

Stress, anxiety, depression, and such mental conditions can also be a factor in developing problems controlling when to ejaculate. If you have a rocky relationship, you may also experience this problem.

Biological Factors

Some medical conditions can also facilitate PE. Diabetes and high blood pressure can contribute to the growing problem of PE. Several other medical conditions can also cause this problem.

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The problem with PE is that, though the condition is highly treatable, most men will not accept that they have a problem. The biggest impediment to the problem is men who choose to suffer in silence. Spouses also have problems exposing their sexual secrets to third parties. Even when the issue threatens to destroy relationships, people still have challenges accepting that they have a problem.

Most of them will not accept that they could have a problem with their manhood. It has been just a men's thing that only comes back to bite them. But if you can explain your sex history to a physician, he or she should be able to diagnose the problem.

You should give your physician all the information he or she can use to decide on the treatment approach to use. Ensure you are as truthful as possible. When it comes to psychological causes, the physician will focus on counseling therapy and other supportive measures such as different sex positions. To see what sex positions can help you last longer, you may need some visuals. Some illustrations and how-tos for those advance positions are available online. Some positions can cause quick ejaculation, such as doggy style. However, sexual positions, such as cowgirl, can help.

What To Do When You Suspect You Have PE

Try To Mitigate It

You can try to masturbate about an hour before sex. It reduces excessive sexual tension and self-stimulation that often precedes a sexual encounter. The other option is to use different sex positions. You can also use non-penetrative stimulation to arouse the partner.

If It Persists, Seek Medical Help

A physician will be able to help you if and only if you will be truthful. He or she can opt for physical and mental health approaches such as counseling and therapy. He or she can also recommend desensitizing sprays, topical anesthetists', antidepressants, and such medications. If you have an underlying problem, the physician will focus on treating your health problem. If the cause is diabetes, controlling diabetes will be perfect. The conversation with your physician can be awkward, but it should not. Focus on the potential of having therapeutic sex.

Many people are struggling silently with premature ejaculation causing distress in their relationships. The starting point is to communicate effectively about every partner’s sexual needs. Is PE hurting the prospects of one party from satisfying their sexual needs; you need to see a doctor. Before that, you can try several ways of delaying ejaculation. For those who can, trying female-on-top positions can help. If this still does not help, you will need to solve the root cause. Some scholars think that stress, anxiety related to sexual performance could cause problems.



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