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Why Get LASIK Surgery




Laser Eye Surgery

Refractive surgery is a type of vision correcting surgery – It is what we know as laser or lens eye surgery that is done to improve one’s eyesight. If you wear glasses or lenses, this is possibly the best solution to get rid of them or make you less dependent on them in the best and safest way possible.

According to some reputable medical sources, more than 95% of people who've had this type of lens surgery are happy with the results.

There are a few different things to consider before getting one done, and a consultation with an eye practitioner or eye surgeon would define that for you. They usually consider aspects like your current eyesight, the health of your eyes, your lifestyle and budget, to name a few.

What a lot of people do not know is that there is also high risk in wearing contact lenses for long periods of time. Some lenses are made to be worn for one day, while others are worn for longer periods. Ut the risk of infection increases the longer you keep them in your eye. There are various side effects like:

- Growth of abnormal blood vessels around the eye and cornea regions, due to lack of oxygen.

- The outer layer of the eye can get infected and lead to sores.

- The stem cells in the cornea can get damaged and mar your eyesight in the long term leading to bad vision.

​- Wearing contact lenses for too long can also have an inverse effect and succumb your eyes to rejecting them, making them intolerant.

These are just a few reasons as to why we would advise not to wear contact lenses your entire life and instead resort to quick and painless solutions such as LASIK surgery in Portland. This is a far better and more permanent solution than the hassles of putting on your contact lenses and taking them out constantly or worrying about your glasses breaking or getting damaged. Not to mention the investment costs far less in the long term.

There have been cases of people almost losing their vision entirely by wearing lenses constantly. Out of the 40 million plus Americans who wear lenses their whole life, a good percentage of them visit eye surgeons and opticians regularly to get their eyes checked because they tend to develop serious complications that can be fixed with laser eye surgery.

The LASIK type of surgery is completed by using two lasers – which firstly opens up the flap of the cornea and then the other laser goes underneath to fix the issues and reshape it. With this type of surgery there is no need for stitches of any kind. The laser closes the incision by itself.

LASIK Eye Surgery

There are two other types of surgery that can be options too:

Surface Laser Treatments like TransPRK, LASEK and PRK: this type of surgery entails removing the clear skin like covering on the eye in order to literally reshape the patient’s cornea, done using the laser. It is not replaced or closed once completed, as it will grow back naturally itself.

SMILE: is a type of swift eye surgery that also, similarly to PRK, reshapes the cornea, but it is done through a tiny hole or incision, which is healed quicker than PRK.

As with all types of surgery, big or small, there will be a few days to a week of discomfort, while your eyes adjust to everything again, this is normal and should subside quickly, as long as you are not straining your eyes or looking directly into the sun, for instance. 

The only cases that usually suffer complications, statistics predict 1 in 500 patients; are those done with RLERefractive Lens Exchange, in other words this is known as ‘cataract Surgery’ which involves replacing a blurry lens with a smaller and clearer one. Cataracts usually occur in some people as they grow older and start losing their eyesight. The age bracket for this type of surgery is 50 plus and who have a prescription of glasses that is higher than the normal range that people wear every day. This too has a lot of benefits, especially for glass-wearers and also has a similar rate of success of up to 95% of patients. Find out how it works here.

If your fed up with wearing lenses or glasses and are looking for an out to get your eye-sight improved and be able to place more focus on everything, LASIK may just be the go-to for you.




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