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Why Physical Therapy Is Important May Surprise You




Man receiving shoulder massage

Physical therapy doesn’t have to be reserved for injuries or accidents as is a common misconception. It promotes movement throughout all healthcare practices whether you’ve had a fall, chronic shoulder pain, or a joint replacement. Using a reputable physical therapy professional, e.g. Liberty Physical Therapy, can help you to improve your activities of daily living so that your quality of life is increased.

Physical therapy is beneficial to people of any age who develop medical conditions, have illnesses or specific injuries that may reduce their ability to function at their regular capacity. 

A customized program assists each person in getting back to their full functionality and promotes changes in lifestyle and activity so that further limitations can be avoided and health and well-being can be restored.

Why Is Physical Therapy Essential

Physical therapy is a conservative treatment for which primary physicians will refer patients when there is an initial sign of an issue in hopes of immediate correction. What is it that makes this process so important? Let’s look.

1. The techniques used with this specialty can help to relieve symptoms of pain and restore the function of muscles and joints to reduce pain. These include manual therapy techniques like soft tissue and joint mobilizations along with therapeutic exercises. In conjunction with these activities, there are treatments of taping, ultrasound, and electrical stimulation. All of these have the potential to prevent pain from recurring. Read here to learn who can benefit from this specialty.

2. There is a very real possibility with this method of treatment in eliminating the pain or assisting in the healing of an injury that surgery can be avoided for the patient. If surgery is necessary, pre-procedure physical therapy allows the patient to be in better condition making the recovery process potentially faster in some instances.

3. Any person who has limitations as far as walking, standing or just moving can benefit from this specialty. Exercises for stretching and strengthening of the muscles and joints will help to restore movement. Therapists are trained to fit patients with the appropriate crutches, canes, or assistive devices and assess for orthotic scripts based on a patient’s needs. Each patient’s treatment plan is carefully created to adapt and practice the activities that are essential for that particular person to be safe and functional.

4. Those who are recovering from some degree of functional loss due to stroke can potentially make gains in strength with therapy. The therapist will focus on the weakened parts of the body. There can be improvements in not only gait and balance but also with transitioning and turning in bed for the sake of independence at home. This reduces their need for assistance with personal care and other daily activities.

5. Any time you initiate a therapy session, you are assessed to determine your risk for falls. If this risk is high, the therapist is going to give you an exercise regimen that will safely challenge your balance to mimic that of a real-time scenario. There are also exercises provided to assist with coordination and assistive devices to encourage walking safely. If the balance is found to be due to a vestibular issue, maneuvers will be performed to restore functioning to reduce and eliminate symptoms of vertigo or dizziness.

6. A physical therapist is versed in joint replacement recovery along with conservatively managing osteoporotic or arthritic conditions. Aged individuals who develop these types of ailments effectively treat with this particular specialty.

7. Women offer specific health challenges that physical therapy can offer specialized management of issues such as pregnancy and postpartum care. Other conditions that this specialty can offer specific treatment include breast cancer, bowel incontinence, fibromyalgia, constipation, male pelvic health, urinary incontinence, pelvic pain, and lymphedema. Go to to learn about physical therapy and its effects on pain.

A physical therapist is trained to recognize deficiencies in the body’s biomechanics. Working with a trained professional, they can target areas of weakness in the way your body functions. They can release the stress and assist the body in working without the pain. The goal of the specialist’s treatment plan is to tailor their efforts in improving your overall well-being to ensure a successful outcome.

Elderly Man in Wheelchair



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