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4 Major Signs You are Suffering from Depression




Man with depression staring out of a window

When you initially imagine an individual diagnosed with depression, you may envision someone who shows visual signs of sadness, with their head in their hands. However, the truth is that depression is often rooted far deeper and many signs may not be obvious. Sadness can, of course, cause a great deal of hurt, but depression is both physically and mentally draining and often has a drastic impact on an individual’s wellbeing. The term ‘depression’ is often loosely used, so it can be difficult to know what to look out for when it comes to self-diagnosis.

If you, like 20 million other Americans, believe you are suffering from depression or know someone who may be, here are four common signs to look out for. 

1. Loss of Interest

Depression can often take the enjoyment out of activities you once adored. A loss of interest in some of your favorite hobbies, whether that be a sport, regular past time or even sex is one of the first indications of depression. It may be due to lack of focus or simply, that you haven’t got the motivation to do much else other than to ruminate over your internal thoughts.

2. You Are Drinking Too Often

Many people choose to relax with an alcoholic drink in the evenings, but there is a stark difference between enjoying your favorite beverage as a treat and relying on alcohol as an attempt of making the pain go away. Nearly a third of people with depression have a dependency on alcohol. However, alcohol can worsen symptoms of anxiety and depression significantly. If you are knocking a minimum of two or three glasses back each day, it may be time to recognize you have a problem.

Seeking help can often be a scary step to take, but it may be the stepping stone needed to get your mental health back on track. An alcohol addiction treatment center such as Inspire Malibu draws on advanced scientifically-proven methods to combat alcohol addiction. Once treatment is completed, a follow-up of relapse prevention and aftercare maintenance are put in place to ensure you are monitored and kept on track for long-term recovery.

3. You Are Obsessed With Social Media

Studies have proven that those glued to social media sites such as Facebook or Instagram are far more likely to get depressed than those who prefer to get out and live a life free of technology. Most of us are keen to scroll through our newsfeeds many times each day, but psychologists from Harvard University have discovered that those who are living in the present moment are far happier than individuals who would prefer to stay in the virtual world. Researchers have suggested that social media is often used as a void, but it can often worsen symptoms of depression, as individuals tend to compare themselves to others who post an unrealistic representation of their ‘perfect’ lives. 

4. Difficulty Sleeping 

Insomnia is one of the most common signs of depression, in which an individual may experience difficulties falling asleep or staying asleep. On the flip side, it can also present itself as extreme fatigue, in which energy levels are significantly low. More than 80% of individuals experience sleeping issues when suffering from depression.



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