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4 Symptoms That You Need Rehab For You or Your Loved One




Woman holding her head in her hands

Dealing with addiction is never easy especially if the victim is in denial. That is why you need to be very careful with your loved ones especially the ones you know that are on drugs or alcohol. It is also crucial for you to understand the difference between using and abusing drugs. A better way to put this is by comparing two types of alcoholics. 

For example, you will realize that some people drink alcohol, but they take care of their responsibilities without any signs of alcohol affecting their normal lives. Then there is the type of alcoholics who don’t know anything apart from alcohol. From the two examples, you can quickly point out who needs a rehab like outpatient Georgia, but the truth is, an addiction is an addiction. Other symptoms that should point you to detox centers in NJ include:

Dependence On Drugs To Cope With Stress

Stress is a normal part of any living things' life, and there is no better way of dealing with stress than on a sober mind. You have heard of people who use drugs to deal with life challenges, but the sad truth is, it never works. The disadvantage of using drugs to get rid of stress is that the problem will not be solved when you get your senses back. That means that you will still be stressed hence you will want to be on drugs and the circle continues until you have to deal with excess stress. If you don’t know it yet, stress can ruin your life and in extreme cases can make you lose your life.

Self-Hygiene Negligence

Drug addict victims care less about anything apart from their drugs. That is why drunkards are always dirty and smelly. A normal human being must have good self-hygiene to avoid being attacked by diseases. The moment you realize that someone is slowly drowning into drugs deep enough not to remember to take a shower, you should recommend for rehabilitation. That is because the victim has reached a level of addiction where they would instead buy drugs and not clothes even if theirs is badly torn.

Complaints From Close Friends And Relatives

Addicts find it offensive when someone tries to tell them to find help or stop abusing drugs. That is because they feel like you don’t understand them and why they need the drug so bad. If you or your loved one is continuously being asked by friends and relatives to stop abusing drugs, you need to understand that they have seen something that will ruin your life up ahead. Instead of getting angry and blaming them for not understanding your situation, you need to be able to reason along the same line with them, but the drugs can’t allow that. If you notice that the warnings are way too much and are becoming a norm, then you need professional help if you cannot manage to stop by yourself.

Your Conscience Is Telling You That You Have A Problem

It reaches a point where victims of drug abuse reach a level where they accept that they have a problem. No one can become an addict without knowing it because you will see and feel the transition from living a normal life to becoming an addict. The moment you accept your problem, you have taken one step into helping yourself. Note that you might acknowledge that you are an addict, but the way drugs and alcohol function in your body can make it impossible for you to quit the habit by yourself.


Drug abuse is one of the greatest life challenges one can face especially if the condition has been neglected for a long time. It is therefore advisable that we stay watch on our friends and family so that help can be brought before it is too late.

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