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6 Tips to Help Combat Depression




Doctor writing patient notes

The word combat is not used lightly in this title. Warding off depression and negativity can often turn into an internal battleground, and finding the best ways to combat depression is consistently challenging. Many people seem to be of the belief that depression is nothing more than simply feeling especially sad for a while, but it’s obviously a lot more complex and debilitating than that. The key to tackling your depression is to recognizing the seriousness of the illness and finding the coping mechanisms that work for you. Not everything that you try will work, as different people have different needs, but by using trial and error and this list, you may find that your depression is much more manageable than you thought.

Let the Music Play

Shakespeare said that music was the food of love, but while the bard may have been right, he also understated its value. Music is one of the finest art forms that humanity has produced, and finding the right song or album can change your mood in many positive ways. Obviously, listening to your favorite album isn’t going to cure your depression instantly, but it can provide motivation and positivity when you need it most. Choose something upbeat and buzzy, and you might find yourself singing along with the energy you need to take even more dramatic steps that will help your mental health.

Know what Food and Drink to Avoid

Food should be something pleasurable, but if it’s having a negative effect and making your depression worse, then it's time to cut the worst elements out of your life. There are some food and drinks that may make you feel better to start with, but are actually counterproductive, and some of those selections are not as obvious as you might think. We all know that alcohol can increase depression, but did you know that fruit juices can be just as harmful? You’re much better off eating the fruit itself and drinking water when you're thirsty. Check out some of the food and drinks that are doing you more harm than good, and you can begin to make more productive menu choices that can actually help you fight your depression. 

(Ed: You may also find this article helpful: Fight Depression by Eating the Right Kind of Food)

Use Distraction

It’s very easy to sit at home and scroll through your social media for the evening, but that’s not going to help you when it comes to tackling your depression. You need to distract yourself, and occasionally that means establishing new habits and routines that incorporate planned distraction into your life. You could decide to go and see a play or pick up a classic novel (or even that romance trilogy you’ve been looking at in the bookstore). The important thing is that you are focusing 100% on something, and whether that’s the latest blockbuster action film or an afternoon spent filling out an adult coloring book, the act of focusing so totally on something else will give your mind something to do other than dwelling on negativity. Not letting that negativity own you is the biggest weapon in your fight against depression.

Speak to Professionals

It can be difficult to admit that we need help, and depression comes with an increased need for isolation. That’s why it’s important that you speak to those people who are experienced when it comes to treating the symptoms and effects of depression. One of the fastest growing treatments available is called Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS), and it’s easy to see why. Low cost and with no side effects that put many off using pharmaceutical treatments, TMS is a noninvasive technique that has been shown to help fight depression using the body's own defenses. Speak to Beverly Hills TMS about the range of options that are available, and look at the time scales that the treatments take. You might be surprised by the benefits. It can be very difficult to accept that we need help when it comes to an issue like depression, and that’s partly due to the taboo nature of mental illness. The important thing to remember is that like any illness, there’s no need to feel shame or doubt when it comes to looking for professional assistance. In the same way that you’d go to the doctor about a broken bone, professional help can also help with mental issues.


Sleep and depression often work together to make life very difficult indeed. Sleep issues are made worse by depression, and the lack of sleep can make your depression worse, which is why it’s so important that you look for ways to manage your sleeping routine. Switch off your devices an hour before bed, set your alarm so that you get up at the same time every day (even if you have the day off). Reduce your caffeine intake and try learning some relaxation exercises that you can do before getting into bed. Remember that even the slightest disruption to your sleeping pattern can affect you negatively, and your quality of sleep can be of significant importance when it comes to your quality of life. Look for the best in sleep tips in order to help guide you through the process, and be patient when it comes to results, because sleep and depression are so closely linked that it can be a challenge to break the cycle.

Don’t Surrender

The most important thing of course, is that you don’t give in to your depression. It might be hard to remember sometimes, but depression is an illness, and needs to be addressed in the same way that you deal with any debilitating health issues. Talk to your doctor, your friends, and your family. Don’t let the illness get the better of you and never surrender. With the right strategies, it is more than possible that you will be able to look back one day and feel pride in the realization that you won the fight for your mental health. It may seem distant right now, but those small steps are still forward motion, and that’s sometimes the only way to progress in life.

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