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If you’re looking to improve such things as your energy, mood, focus, willpower, memory and other aspects of your mental and cognitive functioning, then you will be happy to know that there are many ways to do this. The latest method on the market is known as biohacking. Have you heard of it? Well, that’s all we’re going to talk about today. 

What Is Biohacking?

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It sounds quite futuristic, like something you would expect to see in "Star Trek" or some other science fiction film. Don’t be thrown off by the complicated name, however. All that biohacking concerns itself with is the improvement of our mind and body using different methods. Anything you do with the specific aim of improving certain conditions in your mind or body is considered a form of biohacking. Such things as dieting, exercising, the taking of certain supplements and engaging in certain activities that improve our moods is biohacking. When you approach the subject that way, you realize that biohacking is something that has been here with us for a long time. We just didn’t think of it as biohacking until now. 

he most common way in which biohacking happens today is through the administration of nootropics to improve such things as memory, focus and overall intelligence. We can also biohack ourselves through the use of gadgets that will track our biometric data. Think of the Fitbit and other such products. These cybernetic devices tell us what is going on in our bodies and, therefore, help us know when things aren’t going the way they’re supposed to and need improvement. We can also install improvements that we have made ourselves. These can be unsafe if not done properly. After all, how many people know how to build implants that won’t be toxic to our bodies?

A Word on Nootropics

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These substances aren’t essential for the average human being to function. They aren’t a necessary part of our diets, and we can live without them. The main importance of nootropics comes in when we think of how much help they are when it comes to improving ourselves. They can improve lots of different aspects of our cognitive functioning, such as our memory. 

If you have trouble with your memory and have tried everything you can to improve it without having to take an external substance, then you can turn to nootropics, and they will help you through the process. If you’re having trouble with your moods so that you’re always feeling down and need something to lift your spirits, then you will find that there are nootropics for that.

Nootropics can also help you recover from lethargy and general fatigue. Do you feel exhausted most of the time and can’t accomplish tasks and chores that once took you a very short time to complete? You can take nootropics meant specifically to help you boost your energy. 

It’s pretty hard to enumerate all the things that nootropics can help you with. They have numerous benefits that make them invaluable in anyone’s possession. However, take note that because they’re there to help doesn’t mean they should always be your first resort when you’re looking to improve your memory or boost your mood or trying to get enough energy to go through your day. Before you try nootropics, you should try other natural ways to improve the function of your body and mind. If none of these works, then you can consider the use of nootropics.

What Are the Memory and Cognitive Benefits of Nootropics?

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Although there are many benefits related to memory and cognition of nootropics, the most important ones are below:
  • Memory benefits: Nootropics have a great positive effect on your memory. If you have a big test the next day or have to work at a job where memory is important, then you’re going to need to perform at your peak every minute of every day. In that case, you can take a nootropic that will boost both your short-term and long-term memory. It causes you to remember things more easily.
  • Focus benefits: Do you ever have trouble concentrating on a task? Sometimes, the task is too difficult to wrap your head around. At other times, it is simple, but it’s just too boring and pedantic. If you want to gain razor-sharp focus that helps you keep at any task until completion then nootropics are right for you. They can help you reach the right level of focus to do just about anything under the sun. 
  • Mood benefits: You might go through situations where you feel extremely bored for no reason or a little depressed and melancholy or even just plain baffled. In that case what you need is something to enhance your mood and nootropics will do that for you. Nootropics are known to be some of the best mood enhancers on the planet.
  • Energy benefits: Do you tend to get exhausted too quickly? It’s morning, and you’re already exhausted, which makes you a little depressed considering the fact that you have a long day ahead of you. In that case, what you need is something to give you just the right kick of energy to get you through the day. You can use nootropics. 
  • Creativity and reasoning: Nootropics are known to boost cognitive functions like creativity and reasoning ability. Your mind will be a lot more alert, your focus will be on point, and your memory will be quick, making it much easier for you to come up with sound reasoning. 
7 Nootropic Supplements to Use to Improve Your Memory and Cognitive Functions
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Here are seven nootropics from that you can use to improve various mental functions, including memory:
  • L-theanine: It reduces anxiety and stress while improving concentration, creativity and mood. This nootropic can be found in black and green tea. 
  • Adrafinil: This nootropic helps improve mood, alertness and energy levels. It can be bought over the counter.
  • Phenibut and noopept: These supplements are very helpful when it comes to relieving a bad mood, improving focus and reducing stress and anxiety. They also help with alcoholism, insomnia, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression and even lisping and stuttering.
  • Caffeine: This popular supplement is found in coffee and is a great energy and mood enhancer.
  • Oxiracetam: This nootropic is a gentle stimulant. It helps with memory, although it’s a little less powerful than its counterpart aniracetam. 
  • Aniracetam: This nootropic is the most powerful memory enhancing nootropic and can even help Alzheimer’s disease patients.
  • Choline and piracetam: Choline is an essential nutrient for humans as it protects them against a range of defects. When used in collaboration with piracetam, however, it boosts memory and focus.

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