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Alcohol Addiction and Affordable Rehab Centres




Alcoholic slumped at his desk

Alcohol addiction has become a common trend in the world. Alcohol is considered as the third most addictive substance also leading to the third most common reasons of death. It works vigorously as the brain reacts to alcohol in a mere 6 minutes. Being one of the major reasons of death, it kills one person every 10 seconds worldwide. Alcohol is not digested, it gets directly absorbed into the blood stream which harms the body critically. 
Alcohol effects the body in two ways:

- The Signs of alcoholism include losing interest in activities, problems at school or work, erratic behaviour, and difficulties with relationships.

- The Signs of alcohol overdose includes, pale or blue-tinged skin, loss of consciousness, hypothermia, and slowed breathing.
Why Alcohol is Addictive?
Defined by The National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse - “Alcoholism is a chronic, progressive, incurable disease characterized by loss of control over alcohol and other sedatives.”  Many people think that it’s the presence of ethanol which makes it addictive but certainly it is not. The reason which makes alcohol addictive is the reactions caused by ethanol in the brain. 
The prime reason why people opt for alcohol is its characteristic of making them ‘feel good.’ The naturally occurring feel-good opioids known as endorphins are released by the two key regions of the brain to provide a happy relaxed feeling to the consumer. Thus, many in depression consume alcohol to escape reality and be happy in their own world. Generally, when you begin to develop a need for alcohol or regularly use it to escape bad and annoying feelings or you try to cope with life’s challenges, you may have a problem.
Affordable and Cost-Effective Rehab Centres 
Despite being such a risk to life, people are more and more indulging in alcohol consumption starting it from their teenage years. But can one actually stop its consumption and be alcohol free like he never consumed it? Fortunately, the answer is yes. Recognizing its threat to humans, rehab centres to help alcohol addicts have been developed. With those rehab centres, a phenomenon has also been in notice that these helping centres are super expensive!
Many celebrities and other popular owe their lives to these rehab centres, but are these accessible to celebrities or to rich class only? Is rehab affordable?
Luckily there are affordable rehab centres offering their cost-effective treatments to the needy ones; see Drug rehab Maryland, for instance. These centres understanding the need of their patients also give a facility of sliding-scale fee based on income. Also, if patients face great difficulties in paying the cost, they can seek help from non-profit organizations that put forward various payment assistance. 
Let’s look for some of the popular rehab services available at affordable prices.
1. WhiteSands Treatment
WhiteSands treatment has understood that the cost of rehab plays a necessary role when addicts search for rehabilitation. Thus, they work considering the private insurance to provide the best treatment at low prices. As many patients rely on their insurance to get out of such addiction, they have a process to use it in the best possible way. A low price treatment does not mean degradation in quality which is why they aim to combine insurance and the fees to serve the people.
2. Freedom Model Program
The freedom Model Program is one of its own kind. It is an affordable non-treatment program as their researchers believe that addiction is a habitual behaviour not a disease. Freedom Model's can aid you to break the uninterrupted sequence of treatment and failure.  Education is the root of this method, not treatment. Freedom Model allows each person to make their individual choice regarding the use of substance, forcing none to follow a definite path. Most importantly, Freedom Model Program is a third of the cost of private drug treatment.
3. MFI Recovery Center 
MFI has years of experience in the field of substance abuse which makes them one of the best to get rid of alcohol addiction. The best part of their treatment is they know the value of money, thus proposes affordable prices for it. MFI’s affordable drug rehab is part of the MFI Recovery Centre group which has helped over thousands of people in the past four decades. MFI served thousands to end their struggle with the substance abuse with best treatment at affordable rates. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) has been their major tool which involves focusing on the individual, their families, friends and working area. This approach has had a remarkable impact in helping people who have struggled with drug abuse to find solutions and recovery with MFI.
There are many other rehab centres as well which can help you to get relief from this life-threatening habit of alcohol consumption, but in the end it’s about a person’s own wish and will to get free from the clutches of alcohol abuse.



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