Mental Health Spelled Out With Blocks

When it comes to exercising, we tend to focus more on the advantages that it gives us regarding our physical abilities, and while that may be entirely true, that isn't all it gives. Exercises are some of the best ways to boost your mental health and give you peace of mind and the satisfaction you desire.

A common term used daily "Runners high" is a typical example of exercises as a source of a mental health boost, and various studies performed by researchers at the London Universities show that exercising daily reduces the risk of depression by 20%.

We've become so caught up in the everyday work in our lives that we tend to put our mental health aside, and tend to focus on lesser important things, which is wrong. A healthy mind is a perfect mind, and every stress and tension can build up to become something really ugly. There are many ways to tackle stress, such as music, painting, gym sessions, or even play some games in online casinos or their sister sites, it all helps to ease off your anxiety to a certain degree.

That being said, we jotted down some of the best exercises to boost your mental health and keep your mind healthy and fit throughout the day, which is explained as follows:


Walking or Running are some of the simplest yet effective exercises when it comes to their exertion level. These are the most affordable and easily accessible exercises as compared to most of the exercises, and you can do it on the daily just by taking a quick stroll through a nearby park.

In addition to that, several types of research have concluded that low-anaerobic exercises are a great source of positive thoughts and alertness, keeping your mental health in check and on point. On another note, if you suffer from any low-level physical pain, walking won't be an issue, so you can still do your walking exercise, provided you do it with good care.


Not everybody is a good swimmer, but that doesn't make it a bad exercise. Swimming is another low-level exercise which is responsible for sourcing out a positive thought process and keeping your mind fit throughout the day. The most important thing when it comes to swimming is whether you enjoy it or not because feeling excited and enthused about an activity you're about to do is equally as important as doing the exercise itself!

Woman practicing yoga stretches at dawn by the seafront


Yoga is considered to be one of the most important exercises when it comes to taking care of your mental health, as it is more directed towards peace of mind rather than the physical exertion of the body. Yoga helps us to integrate the body and the mind, creating better mental health and works even better when incorporated with a therapeutic talking session. The right mental health starts with the purification of your thoughts and your mind, and Yoga is the best exercise in that case as it allows one to sit and explore their thoughts.


Boxing might seem like a rigorous exercise but its more about the stress release than it is about punching your enemies down. Plus, the boxing we're talking about is more centered around a punching bag rather than real humans. Ever heard of the rumor "Punching a punching bag releases stress and anger". Well, it's not much of a rumor, and is true. Finding an outlet for the sheer aggression and stress in your body is good, and if a punching bag does the trick, then why not?



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