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Cognitive Benefits of Ketosis for Productivity and Mental Performance




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Ketosis has gained a lot of hype because of its prevalent use among those who want to effectively lose their weight. However, the continuous research in the field of ketosis has successfully brought several other benefits of its implementation. One such less-talked benefit of ketosis is the significant improvement in productivity and mental performance. When the body undergoes ketosis, it is necessary that fat molecules should be burnt so as to supply the required fuel to the body. For this purpose, diet is chosen in a way that fat content is quite high in it and carbs are usually kept low while maintaining a normal amount of protein at the same time. In order to provide the energy to the body and brain, these fat molecules are to be converted into "ketone bodies" which are later processed so as to obtain the required amount of energy. 

This article focuses on letting you know the amazing cognitive benefits of ketosis and how choosing a keto diet can be a right step towards increasing brain performance. So without any further delay, let's get started. 

Ketosis improves brain function: Improved brain functionality is one of the major advantages of taking a keto diet. Studies have shown that the essential fatty acids required for proper working of the brain are usually not present in the regular diet of an individual. Because of the unavailability of these fatty acids, mental performance is adversely affected. Ketogenic diet helps to provide these essential fatty acids which are processed to be used as alternative energy sources by getting transformed into ketones. Studies have shown that ketosis has been extensively helpful in preventing some of the serious issues like Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease as well as other aging-related cognitive issues. This is because of the fact that ketosis helps to provide the required energy from ketones as in the case of such people, glucogen usually fails to provide this energy. 

Ketones help you focus in a better manner: Focusing ability and concentration power are positively affected by implementing ketosis. If you are someone who has a tough time remaining focused while doing daily tasks, the ketogenic diet can do wonders for you. To understand this, you need to know of two specific types of neurotransmitters present in the brain – Glutamate, and GABA. In order to avoid conditions like foggy brain and inability to focus, Glutamate should be properly converted into GABA. Ketosis ensures proper focusing ability and concentration power by successfully converting the extra Glutamate into GABA. As a result of this, problems like anxiety and stress are also curbed and the brain is able to perform in a better manner. 

Ketosis helps to enhance memory ability: Another major advantage of ketosis is the enhancement of memory ability so if you are someone who has a tough time remembering things, now you know what to do. Studies have shown that ketogenic diet has helped people to increase the efficiency of their brain by enabling them to memorize things in a better manner. This can be understood by the fact that ketone formation in the body helps to elevate the energy level of mitochondria present in the cells. As a result of this, brain's memory cells are able to perform better than before. Work productivity is therefore significantly increased because of better memory ability. 

Conclusion: In the light of above discussion, it can be said that weight loss isn't the only area in which ketosis is helpful as it also helps to improve the productivity and mental performance of an individual. Do your research and consult your dietician if you want to have some major improvements in your brain's functionality.

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