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Diagnosed with a Mental Illness – What Can You Do?




Man with head in hands

Being diagnosed with a mental illness is never easy, and although you may feel alone, be sure to know that there is help out there, whether it be through medication or therapy. While it may seem difficult to start finding a solution to dealing with mental illness, with the right support, it can be made a lot easier. 

Mental health has been in the limelight these few years, with more people understanding that it’s just as serious as a fracture or physical injury. While it may be hard to tell your friend, family and even employer that you have a mental health illness, people nowadays are far more empathetic. This is due to education on the matter. 

If you’ve been diagnosed with a mental health illness and are looking for ways to treat it, consider the following advice. 

Educate Yourself (and those around you)

While mainstream media is more open to talking about mental health, that doesn’t mean everyone fully understands what it is and how you can help. Depression and anxiety can be hard for people to explain, yet that doesn’t mean people aren’t willing to learn. Make sure you educate yourself on why you may be feeling low – is it environmental or chemical? Then, be sure to relay the message to your family and friends so that they can also understand. If you explain why you’re feeling the way you do, then it may not seem so confusing to them. For instance, depression is caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain; you lack serotonin.

Participate in Talk Therapy

Talking to someone about the way you feel can be difficult, however, it’s very important. Keeping your emotions bottled up can cause things to worsen, especially if the cause of your depression is because of work stress. If you participate in talk therapy, then a professional can give you the tools to copy. This could be tips on what to do if you have an overwhelming feeling of anxiety in public, for example. However, being able to speak to someone who is impassive and able to see both sides can help with clarity. 

Take Your Medicines as Prescribed

Sometimes, medication is the only way forward for those with mental health issues. If so, it is important that you take your medicine as your doctor instructs and try not to miss a day. For cheaper medicine, websites such as HealthPricer can compare drug prices, making the costs more manageable. Also, to ensure you keep on top of your medication, have a calendar on your phone or even an alarm, so that it can alert you when to take your medicine. 

Live A Healthy Lifestyle 

While taking your medication and talking about your illness is important, you also have to be willing to take care of yourself. Sleep well each and every night, exercise in the morning so that your endorphins are heightened, and eat the right food. A diet of fresh produce is best, while you should avoid processed foods that are bad for your mind. Alcohol can also cause problems with your chemical makeup, so be sure to limit your alcohol consumption. 

Having a mental health problem isn’t the end of the world, even if it seems like it at times. Be sure to speak to a professional and take the right medication that’s prescribed to you; plus, do all of this coupled with a healthy lifestyle that’s catered to a happier and healthier mind.

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