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Different Ways Cannabis Can Improve Mental Health




Woman Rolling A Cannabis Joint

Cannabis, a controversial flowering herb, has been gaining many researchers' interest for many years now. These studies have sought to uncover the short and long-term effects of cannabis use. If you're wondering how mental health is being affected by this wonderful flowering plant, read on.

Promotes Good Mood

Cannabis is rich in tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). Both the THC and CBD function like neurotransmitters, which the receptors of your body respond to well. The messages sent by THC and CBD alter your normal brain communication, influencing your senses and movements as well as your perceptions and pleasures. Cannabis is often smoked, ingested, and dabbed. Through these three methods, it will give you a sense of serenity and euphoria like no other. Many users enjoy this mood because they feel worry-free and in the moment. Cannabis also causes time to appear slower and irrelevant. If you are suffering from a panic attack or paranoia, you can easily access cannabis to-go through websites that sell edibles online. Through reputable sites like these, you have the assurance that they adhere to the recommended dose that will do you more good than harm. 

Aids Some Medical Disorders

Different studies confirm and negate the efficacy of cannabis on mental disorders. Simply put, some conditions can benefit from it while other circumstances get worsened. One study noted that the majority of their respondents reported improvement. These respondents suffer from PTSD, depression, ADHD, bipolar disorder, and insomnia. Attending physicians, who allowed the use of cannabis to reduce anorexia, were happy to have observed improved mood and eating habits among patients.

Improves Sleep Latency

Sleep latency refers to how fast you can fall asleep. Although sleep deprivation is not a mental disorder in itself, the lack of rest causes unhealthy habits that impair your functionality. The difficulty of sleeping often stems from unresolved stress. The psychoactive effect of cannabis includes a feeling of unparalleled relaxation and time distortion, temporarily wiping your stress away. Although this does not resolve the issue, the inability to sleep will worsen your cognitive process, hindering you from deciding effectively. Regretting your decisions and not being able to lead a full life because of the lack of sleep will inevitably affect your mental health.

Helps Keep Harmful Vices at Bay

The recreational use of cannabis helps manage the urge to drink alcohol and dims the compelling pull from opioid withdrawal. Although cannabis and opioids seem in the same category, the latter is way more dangerous than the former. The likelihood of dying from marijuana itself is rare, while the deaths due to opioids resemble an epidemic.

Increases Appetite

Cannabis is often referred to as 'the munchies' because it is widely known to increase appetite. As the THC in cannabis heightens your emotions, your sense of smell becomes more sensitive too. This impacts your desire for food, making you want to eat more. Many patients who are too depressed to eat will immensely benefit from regulated appetite. 

Cannabis undeniably has many benefits. As long as its intake is well-regulated, its effects on your body will be more beneficial than harmful. 


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