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Drug Addiction Effects In The Long Term And Short Term




Smoke wafting into the air

There are many effects of drugs on your body in the long term and short term. You might find out that you have a poor memory, or you might be experiencing depression or anxiety. You could have some issues with trying to handle cognitive functions, and you might have other lingering problems that you would not have thought of. This means that you need to plan for these problems because they could hurt you in the future.

1. Your Short-Term Memory

Your memory will change because the drugs and alcohol that you used will cause you to forget things that you had happen to you back then. You do not just black out and lose some of your memories. You will actually not be able to remember things in the present. This means that you will need to work on your memory or know that your memory is not very good.

2. Your Health

You could have many health problems in the future because your body was worn down by the substances that you were using whether they were drugs or alcohol. This means that you have to be worried about diseases or disorders that could have come up because of the substances you were using. You will be much healthier because you are taking care fo your body now, and you will find that you can be honest with your doctor and tell them that you have these issues.

3. Your Relationships

You might have relationships that will be ruined because of your addiction, and there are more that will take a long time to repair. You need to go to therapy or rehab where you can learn how to get these relationships back, and you might need to talk to someone who has been through this before. You need to get right with your kids, your parents, your spouse, and your friends after you have battled addiction.

4. Your Long-Term Memory

Your memory is impacted, and you will find that you have to work out new ways to get around your bad memory. You might have to work on a new system that could recover your memory, or you might need to go through a trauma therapy program that will help work on your memory because you might have memories that you lost and are hiding in your mind. The memory is often the first thing to go in older addicts, and you need to get into the program that will help you fix your memory problems. This is not something to be trifled with.

5. Motor Skills

You could lose some of your motor skills if you were an addict for a long time, and it might have caused nerve damage. This means you need an occupational therapist to help you with this. is a good place to start when you want to recover your body and mind from addiction. You must read as much information as you can about the process, and you will find that there are bodily and mental changes that you have to deal with. You cannot be healthy if you are not honest with yourself and trying to make your body healthier.

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