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Environmental Illness and Emotional Healing





Diane Uecker
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In my experience, when a challenging and debilitating illness shows up, like Environmental Illness or Fibromyalgia (and its various symptoms) Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Mycoplasma Fermentans, etc, something even more challenging shows up with it; the emotional responses we have as we watch our life, as we knew it, crumble. We not only lose our health, many have lost their homes, their jobs, their friends, their spouses, their social life, and as one airline ad put it, their freedom to ‘move about the country’. We are subject to ridicule (it is all in your head), harassment (you’re sick again, geez), or deliberate exposure to perfumes due to ignorance and occasionally, meanness.

To my knowledge standard western medicine does have not any ‘cure’, and they are just beginning to develop EI tests beyond the normal allergy testing, all of which are expensive. They do offer a variety of drugs for the various symptoms, again, all of which are expensive and have side effects. And in terms of the emotional distress, Western medicine is not able to separate the psychological factors involved from the EI, FM, CFS.

This brings us to what we can do for ourselves to manage or alleviate the symptoms when they appear, what we can for our emotional responses to the illnesses and how we can heal emotional distress we may have actually been carrying a long time.

I have found that there are a few treatments that, what I call, reset the autoimmune system. I have had great success with one practitioner of NAET. BUT, when I experience exposure to perfume, the cotton brain returns. When I experience exposure to Chem trails, insecticides, pesticides and all the other ‘suicides’ (for these chemicals are killing us and the earth), I get what I call the ‘razor blade headaches’, again. So it appears that an on going therapy must be taken when we are exposed to a substance that has a different chemical signature than what we were treated for. This is why is it so difficult to be treated for perfumes, because there are thousands-all, except pure essential oils, are chemically based. When our immune systems go into defensive mode against the chemical (or foods), they, for some reason, end up attacking our own bodies.

There also seems to be a relationship between EI, FM, CFS, etc and the emotional body and what negative emotions it is carrying, sometimes in the subconscious mind. And no, I am not saying it is all in our heads, but some of it is in our hearts. This brings us to self treatments for those emotional aspects we experience as we walk this path to mental/emotional/physical and spiritual healing and health. In my mind, illness, what ever it is, cancer, MS, ALS, EI, etc., all offer an challenge and opportunity to dig deep and bring ourselves to emotional peace, even though our bodies are in pain, exhausted, and our minds are confused and disoriented.

The treatments I used and still use all have something in common-they effect the energy meridians (energy pathways) in the physical body, that when blocked, produced a negative emotional effect and increased physical distress. The treatments involve bringing to the conscious mind the offending substance or negative emotion, while stimulating the end points of various meridians on different parts of the body and along the spinal column. NAET does just that. NAET stopped the seizures by discovering an allergy to various metals. Various foods were making my legs and knees weak and joints so painful I could hardly walk. Electromagnetic energy and car exhaust was causing other symptoms. I even had an allergy to cardboard! NAET took care of these and I was symptom free. But when experiencing what I perceived as a traumatic life threatening event, some of the EI, FM, CFS symptoms came back.

It had occurred to me that there is a possibility that a trauma will bring back some of the FM/CFS symptoms because there is an underlying negative emotion that I have not healed associated with that type of event, even perfume exposure. So I asked myself what was underlying my responses to life‘s experiences. If I could not, at this point, consciously control the events and subsequent symptoms, could I at least do something myself with the emotions I was feeling. I also realized I had been feeling this way all my life. It occurred to me that 50% of my suffering was physical and 50% was emotional. This was my humble pie moment. It was time to clean out the emotional closet. With limited funds, psychological counseling was not an option, although I know a fantastic therapist who helped me greatly in the past. Then came the answer and it was FREE.

I found a form of gentle acupressure self treatment that involves using Neurolinguistic Programming, NLP, while tapping certain meridian (energy pathway) endpoints. And to get started one does not have to know NLP, just follow the examples given in the on line down loadable free material.





The author’s name is Gary Craig and his treatments are called EFT-Emotional Freedom Technique. His basic idea is that negative emotions (and physical distress) are caused by blockages in the meridians. The blockage originates in an event, but it is the block in the meridian that keeps the emotional reaction to the event activated. Remove the blockage and the emotional reaction, distress is removed. One can then think about the event without the emotional charge and heal from the experience, learning what one needs to learn from the event to evolve. (Without the emotional charge, wisdom is often revealed.) Or put another way, think about the event or symptoms, feel the emotions, do the 2-3 minute treatment and re-open the meridian and the emotional distress is gone. It is that simple. As he says in his manual: “The relief from symptoms is usually immediate. It often works where nothing else will. It is easy to apply. It takes very little time. It is not habit forming.” The hard part is persistence. The older we get, the more emotional stuffing we may have done and it takes time and willingness to persevere. It appears to me that when it is time to open the box and see what’s inside, the motivation to do so appears.

This brings up a difficult point. Some of us love our stories of suffering. How we perceive the world and interpret other people actions is swayed by our commitment to suffering. I have noticed in myself I actually have had a fear of not suffering. Who will I be? How will I get God’s attention if not by martyred suffering? How will I draw someone in to love me if I am not suffering. If we can be brave and be willing to let go of our attachment to our story of suffering, the will and persistence to heal become very strong. I had to ask if I was willing to give up my story of suffering. And even then, if I wasn’t, I could treat that with EFT! “Even though I am not willing to give up my story of suffering, I deeply and completely accept myself.” This method honors us where we are now.

Gary Craig’s manual is on the internet. You can download it for free. He has a weekly newsletters, that is also free, that comes loaded with case studies, helpful hints, examples of phrasing, and the archives of past newsletters on his website, all for free. I emphasize FREE because so many of us have ended up in bankruptcy court, spending every last cent and a lot of the bank’s cents on trying to get relief from EI,FM,CFS, etc. He also offers videos, CD’s and tapes at very reasonable prices. He gives permission to copy his work and give it to friends. And in his manual he describes what is on the videos to give you an good idea of what to expect if you purchase them. This tells me he is emotionally free and that his method works.

I have had great success with it, and I have a lot more emotional healing to do. Anger, vindictiveness, revenge, who did me wrongs, rage, hate, jealousies-some of the usual hundred children of negativity that have not been let go of are waiting to be revealed and tapped away. I have discovered folks my age with similar healing work to do. Baby Boom healing. Some folks have a lighter load-each path is different.

The self treatments are fast, only taking a few minutes. The treatments involve a Set Up while rubbing a specific point. An example would be: Even though I feel angry about (you file in the blank), I deeply and completely accept my self. You then follow that by tapping the points he explains in his manual. He also covers something called Psychological Reversals and provides a way to reverse that. “A Psychological Reversals or Polarity Reversal is caused by self defeating, negative thinking which often occurs subconsciously and outside of our awareness. When present, it will stop any healing dead in its tracks. It _must _be corrected first for the Basic Recipe to work.” Gary Craig. For me, an example of a PR might be a hidden thought such as “I don’t have a right to heal” buried in the subconscious mind. And that can be treated with EFT!

It is simple to do. His explanations of the treatment and its history is clear and easy to understand. And importantly, it is self empowering to be able to treat oneself. He provides many, many examples of different phrases to use. Once you get the hang of it, a whole world of possibilities of healing is opened up to you. Any event can be treated. EFT has also been used for anxiety, pain, fears, phobias, PTSD, MS Migraines, IBS, addictions and more. And I have noticed while treating myself for one thing, other emotional responses I have had to the same event reveal themselves and can be treated. For example, if someone has betrayed us, we may feel a variety of emotions-anger, humiliation, frustration, dismay, despair, depression, etc. Each of these can be treated until we are at peace with the event and can actually learn from it, grow from it. In my view, these are all grist for the mill of evolution of the soul. And they do provide physical healing as well.

I think what he has come up with is very similar to what happens in NAET. While thinking of the cause of the distress or holding a vial containing the electromagnetic signature of the substance, one taps or has the doctor tap. It seems to me to be a very similar treatment. Bring consciousness to the substance or event while gently stimulating a major meridian end point (tapping).

As a final note, I also use chanting of 2 mantras, one Buddhist and one Hindu. Each provides an enormous healing, bringing peace and calm to troubled waters and a little more groundedness. I also do a little Chi Gung. This helps to open the blocked meridians and provide relief from the crunched up feeling that comes with physical pain associated with EI and FM. I also do a gentle 4-2-4 upper chest breathing exercise that seems to reset the autoimmune system to not attack my own body. The only thing that has ever helped the cotton brain is a mineral drink a friend brought me to try because it helped her so much. And drinking water, neither distilled or RO, but from a 10 stage on the counter water filter by Enviro, has for some reason, made my muscles strength increase. I feel more solid and grounded. Cleaning out the closet of all chemical cleaners, scented soaps, lotions and shampoos is a must. Seventh Generation makes ‘clean’ products, but I avoid anything with orange oil-oddly enough it makes my muscles and joints ache. No chemical descalers, chlorine bleach, or dishwashing soaps with scents. No dryer sheets or fabric softeners or new carpets and paint unless approved by EcoClean. The list goes on to Detox a house, and even longer for an extended family.

I encourage anyone who is suffering to consider checking out Gary Craig and his EFT at his website. It does provide release from suffering. It is free, easy to do and self empowering and healing. I am not a EFT practitioner and I do not have any financial investment in sharing this information. EFT does not replace medical care.

Further information on EFT can be found at




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