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Great Memory Care Facilities for the Individual




Man Taking his Medicine in a Memory Care Facility

After a diagnosis of dementia or another memory-related disease, the topic of conversation will inevitably turn to where your loved one would like to live when they can no longer look after themselves alone. It can be a daunting prospect to decide, particularly if you are making the decision for someone else or have had no prior experience in the field. A memory care home is one of the best options you can choose, but what should you be looking out for when it comes to deciding upon a particular place? 

Tailormade Amenities and Activities for Residents

One of the requirements for memory care St Louis homes must be that the residents are stimulated each day through ability-appropriate activities. For some residents, this will play to their more physical capabilities, such as gardening, yoga, or dance. For others, it could be that becoming a part of the poetry club, letter writing, and knitting will keep them stimulated. For animal lovers, it could be daily pet therapy. Whatever the patient’s capabilities and interests, their memory care facility should be somewhere where they are encouraged to take part. This will provide that person with a greater quality of life.

Grounds and Architecture

A key need for people with dementia is to feel as comfortable as possible in their surroundings. Care facilities that are designed with this in mind can allow their patients a sense of a ‘home from home’, with residential suites as opposed to wards or singular rooms. This also allows the resident more autonomy and dignity, with private or shared bathrooms and kitchens to use while safe to do so. The grounds of a facility are also important, with studies proving the benefits of getting outdoors regularly. Not only does it increase Vitamin D, vital for preventing brittle bones, it also enhances mental well-being for patients and carers alike. Consequently, a community with grounds is strongly recommended. 


One of the best-known symptoms of dementia or memory-related disease is that the patient can often become confused and disorientated and unable to recognize their surroundings, sometimes even when they are familiar. An essential part of a facility specializing in the care of such patients is a heightened security system to prevent any residents from becoming lost either inside or outside of the grounds. The best places will often include motion sensor cameras, digital locks, and on-site security staff to help keep their patients safe and secure.

24 hr Medical Staff

A by-product of dementia is that the illness progresses rather than regresses, and so the further along the road a patient gets, the more likely it is that they may require on-the-spot medical care at any time. A facility that has 24-hour medical staff on-site is thoroughly recommended to allow for you or your loved one to receive appropriate treatment in a timely manner. This will also help to decrease distress levels, as pain or unusual symptoms can be distressing to patients when they can’t necessarily understand what is going on nor communicate effectively how they feel.


As the saying goes, cleanliness is next to Godliness. An unclean facility is not only unpalatable but dangerous to vulnerable people. Not only can it increase the spread of illness and germs, but it can also become distressing to those that are living there. People with dementia have the right to be clean and to live somewhere safe, where those that love them can be confident that they are well taken care of. 

These are just a few aspects of a memory care home that can be important when making your decision. Why not use these as the jump board for going out and visiting a few?

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