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How to Dress More Confidently




Confident looking clothes worn by business woman

Good fashion relates to knowing what colors, items, and silhouettes match your shape, complexion, and personality. Yet, you will also need the confidence to wear them.

As people often feel pressured to live up to the media’s unattainable standards of beauty, many can feel unworthy or unattractive in stylish clothing.

If this sounds familiar, it’s time to change this belief and focus on clothing that changes your self-perception. Learn how you can dress more confidently.

Don’t Allow Your Insecurities to Determine Your Style

If you allow your physical insecurities to stand in the way of good style, it’s time to stop.

Wearing clothing that matches your personality, flatters your figure, and makes you feel good will transform your overall confidence. 

A stylish outfit can alter your feelings regarding your appearance, which may even encourage you to wear brighter shades, figure-hugging garments, and bolder patterns.

Don’t Replicate Others’ Styles

There is nothing wrong with feeling inspired by others’ fashion sense, but you shouldn’t allow it to determine your own. 

If you attempt to emulate another person’s look, you’re more likely to compare yourself to them, which may dent your self-esteem.

Instead, look to others for fashion inspiration, but put your twist on an outfit to create a unique style. 

If you can’t help but compare yourself to celebrities or influencers, remember they more than likely have a team of professionals working on their appearance.

Try a Clothing Subscription Service

If you struggle to find clothing that reflects your personality, taste, and shape, a clothing subscription service could be your savior. 

After completing a questionnaire regarding your desired style, insecurities, and colors to avoid, items are then hand-selected by a stylist and shipped to your home. 

If you like what you receive, you can pay for each item and send back what you don’t, and you’ll need to pay a small stylist fee. 

Of course, there are many clothing subscriptions on the market, but they’re not all created equal. 

A great review on discusses the Nadine West subscription service, which could be an ideal option if you want to improve your fashion confidence.

Experiment with Clothing and Colors

Fashion is fun. Stop placing yourself inside a box and start experimenting with different colors, silhouettes, and styles. 

If you restrict yourself to the same designs and hues, you might never grow in confidence.

Try clothing on you would never usually consider or pick up a color you’d always avoid. 

You might find it flatters your figure, complexion, and personality. If you don’t like it, put it back and try something else. 

You have nothing to lose and a whole new style to gain.

Build Up Your Fashion Confidence

Train yourself to embrace brighter, bolder, and tighter pieces by gradually incorporating them into an outfit. 

For example, add one vibrant piece into an outfit and surround it with neutrals to tone it down. 

You’ll learn the colors that match your skin tone and style over time, and it could encourage you to become a little more daring in the future.



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