Husband and wife discuss their marriage over coffee

Marriage, just like any other institution has its challenges. The fact that we do not come from one family or we did not grow in the same environment gives us different views of life. You will find your marriage has occasional arguments and disagreements. Though these are healthy parts of the relationship, sometimes, your arguments may seem endless. You may even avoid important discussions just to stay away from another argument. There may be times when you feel that you no longer share what brought you together, and you now live like roommates.

So, What is the Solution?

Marriage counseling is one of the solutions to an ailing marriage. Though it was dreaded in the past, couples counseling in Las Vegas has really improved in recent years. Different methods and techniques have been devised to help you fix your ailing marriage and build a healthy relationship. 

Couples Counseling applies various clinically proven methods for different couples. Read on to find some of them below.

Gottman Method

This is a counseling technique that gives you a platform to state your needs. It is conflict management based rather than conflict resolution. The method aims at rejuvenating affection, closeness, and respect by mapping your partner’s joys, worries, stress, and hopes. It emphasizes the expression of respect and appreciation to help build fondness and admiration.

Narrative Therapy

This technique provides you with an opportunity to narrate your problems. The marriage counselor will then help you bring out all the negative things that remain hidden. By doing this, you gain insight into the things that have been troubling your marriage. This helps you to look at things from a different perspective, and it forms the start of your healing.

Positive Psychology

This method aims at building positive emotions and character. It helps you to appreciate happy moments as they happen, rather than remember them. You learn to live in the present and appreciate the fact that happiness is a product of various mental and emotional factors.

Enhancing Intimacy to Promote Closeness

Couples therapy is not always about fixing problems. It seeks to restore intimacy, and thus promote closeness in a relationship.

Is Couple Counseling Important?

Regardless of the problem, your relationship is facing, the marriage counselor will choose the best method to help you fix it. Many relationships, some at the verge of a break-up have been restored. Couples learn how to live with one another, and to appreciate strengths and weaknesses in their relationship. It’s therefore recommended that you try the services of couple counselors in Las Vegas before you consider a break-up.

Disagreements and problems will always arise in a relationship. However, the challenges should not define your marriage and it does not help to try to learn how to live with them. This only kills the little joy that is remaining in your relationship. Rebuilding trust and starting out once again can appear almost impossible, but with counseling, you can have your marriage back and enjoy the happily ever after that you both dreamt of when you decided to tie the knot.

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