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Fighting Addiction




A man addicted to drugs clearly strugglingAddiction; let’s not sugar coat it, is a disease and not just a condition as some people would all too eagerly believe. 

It’s not some kind of condition that can simply be controlled or a personality trait that one needs to try and control, rather it is the victim’s obsession and will likely remain such, even when under control. 

The Stats 

Studies show that in a controlled environment where the numbers were spot on, out of a population of 40 000 people: 400 people will become addicts. 

Out of those 400 only 20 will be lucky enough to receive treatment through institutions such as rehabilitation centre’s and only 1 or 2 of those 20 people treated will remain clean and sober going forward. 

What Is an Addict? 

Simply put, addicts can not control their obsession over their drug of choice, they see it the way someone obsessed with painting sees art ; it’s a thing of fascination and beauty that they can’t quite grasp. 

There are various types of addicts and one can become addicted to illegal drugs like crystal meth, alcohol and even prescription medication otherwise known as pharmaceutical drugs. 

The Consequences 

All too often than not an addict will not observe their surroundings with a rational mind and the consequences get bigger and bigger as their addiction grows. Their dependency is ultimately their downfall and in the very worst cases they may die a sad and very lonely death. 

The three most common consequences as a direct result of addiction are jail, institutions and finally death. Legal implications can occur such as getting arrested for drinking and driving or being arrested for possession of narcotics. 

If an addict is lucky enough to avoid prison, they are likely to attend an institution like a rehabilitation centre, where they could possibly be treated for their illness with a positive outcome. If addicts never encounter the first two major consequences, they automatically bypass the system and ultimately end up dead. 

Death can be caused via an overdose on drugs or from reckless driving, whilst under the influence of alcohol. Even worse an addict that has no control or power over their disease could end up harming someone else or committing a crime while they are not in a rational space and that could see them living a life behind bars in a jail cell. 

There Is Hope And Help

Do not judge or make common misconceptions about addicts. In most cases addicts are kind, loving, generous people that have no control over their obsession and enjoy everythign that we do, from meeting up with friends to the online betting NZ has to offer. 

It’s not a lifestyle choice, or rebelling phase. Addiction is a serious illness and people need to start viewing it as an illness. It is a disease that is uncontrollable and the addict is desperate for help on the inside but all too often than not people don’t believe in addicts. 

The state has rehabilitation centres that are free and if it is affordable through certain benefits like a medical aid, patients are able to get help. 

It’s a proven neurological disease that can filter down from generation to generation but you can be the light in the dark. You can stop the cycle. 

The 12-step program has accomplished amazing feats and allowed many people to carry on to a whole new quality of life. Certain addicts even become so passionate about their recovery that they become an RA or recovery assistant.

These people are living proof that addiction can be beaten and the cycle can stop. Relapse is always a possibility with an addict, however with hope, faith, patience and guidance we can change peoples destiny and give them the best quality of life possible.

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