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Powerful and Positive Ways to Boost Your Confidence




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For many, there are points in our life where we take a knock to our self-confidence. These knocks can have an effect on a number of things throughout life including the relationships, careers, general outlook and the most important thing, the way we feel about ourselves. In recent headlines, there has been an emphasis on the support for mental health issues and the way these issues affect our lives. With this in mind, it’s never been a better time to look at how small powerful and positive changes can help you raise self-confidence in everyday situations. Although some things may only boost confidence temporarily, these suggestions can help build the foundations to a more profound and happier outlook, and a greater feeling of self-confidence in the long term. 
Nourish Your Body
Eating and nourishing your body with a balanced and healthy range of foods helps build the blocks for a healthy body and mind. Exploring the relationship between what foods you eat, how often you eat and how it makes you feel are essential factors in strengthening your mindset. If your blood sugar level drops, you may feel irritable, sluggish and tired, so considering ways to avoid this can raise your mood levels and in turn your confidence. How we nourish our bodies doesn’t just affect mood. The way our bodies function also affects the parts you can see in the mirror including our skin, nails, and teeth. Something as simple as getting the right nutrients and brushing your teeth regularly gives you an instant boost when smiling, which in turn enhances your mood. A few questions you should ask yourself include, do you snack on sugary treats too often, are you getting enough fruit and vegetables and are you staying hydrated? Making these small changes can contribute to a healthy, happier you.
Get Active
We all know physical activity is good for our bodies; it’s also great for our minds too. Mental and physical health has been closely linked so getting out and about has never been so important. Physical activity doesn’t always mean planning your next marathon; it’s actually anything that helps you get moving whether that’s a gentle walk around the park or doing the arduous chores at home, each has its benefits. Getting active, fitter and healthier on the inside and out is a natural confidence booster. Your abilities and strengths allow yourself to believe you can achieve more each time you participate. Sport, either in a competitive or friendly situation, is also fantastic for mental health, as the social aspects and gentle competition support your growth and strengths in each situation. 
Ask For Help When You Need It
There’s nothing wrong with asking for help when you need it most. If you are struggling with any type of issue whether it’s emotional stress, mental health issues or confidence problems, there are a range of experts that can assist. Confidence issues can lead to a host of other issues related to mental health and self-worth. The way you view yourself and how you perceive others are seeing you can have detrimental effects, especially if this is in a negative light. Some of the significant issues that can cause this type of distress include a perception of body image or cosmetic problems. In many cases, if the issue is related to something aesthetic, there are often treatments that can assist in helping you get back to that confident and positive person. The range of surgical and non-surgical resolutions opens up a wide variety of options for people looking to resolve personal cosmetic problems. Examples include Capillus, the laser cap that promotes hair regrowth. This specialist treatment is excellent for treating hair loss in a safe and effective way and can assist in getting that much-needed confidence back in your appearance. 
Feel Good In Your Own Skin
Sometimes the way we feel about our physical appearance can have implications on our self-confidence and self-esteem. It doesn’t help that the way people look is objectified in the media, with a focus on the perfect body or ideal weight, etc. This, in turn, can have an extremely adverse effect on how you perceive your self-image. No matter how many times we hear, ‘beauty is only skin deep’ or ‘age is but a number,’ and so on, it’s actually how we feel inside that matters. No two people look the same and learning ways to love your body helps give a realistic perception of body image that we can accept, cherish and celebrate. 
There are some small steps you can take to get the important balance in your mind including:
  • Reflect on the media negativity and have an opinion, speak your mind on issues that affect you, and tackle the lack of diversity in the media.
  • Don’t focus on the numbers on the scales. Think about your eating and exercise habits to concentrate on nourishing your body on the inside and out.
  • Stop comparing yourself to others. Sometimes it’s harder said than done but focusing on your attributes and abilities, help you appreciate your uniqueness.
  • Surround yourself with positive people. Try and banish negative messages in everyday situations including the way people talk about food and appearances. 
  • Appreciate and realize the diversity in appearance. When you take a look around, you may start to see everyone is different and how people look is not an indicator of their character or personality. 
The process of getting your self-confidence and self-worth back can be a long and challenging road. For some people, it may be easier than others, but with the today’s changing social pressures and looking good always in the spotlight, it can be sometimes tricky to get through the emotions and stress that it can put you under. Considering the above points and ultimately believing in yourself is the first step to makes long-lasting changes for the better. There will be several hard times and positive ones ahead but taking the journey will make you into a stronger and more confident person in the long-term.




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