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Six Ways To Cope With Quarantine




6 Ways to Cope with Quarantine

(Managing Stress to Avoid Triggering Relapse)

By All Points North Lodge in Edwards, CO

The rise and spread COVID-19 has created a months-long quarantine with no end in sight. Though many of us are not sequestered away, our lifestyles have been radically altered. Our options for fun and togetherness diminished. This period of isolation undertaken to protect the community and ourselves from disease can begin to feel like plain old isolation.

If quarantine has got you anxious, stuck or depressed, here are six ways to cope with it.

1. Make A Quarantine Bucket List

Many people agree the quarantine has altered their sense of time. The days have a sameness that blurs them together.

Our first suggestion is to make a quarantine bucket list. This is a list of items you have always wanted to do and still can do despite the quarantine. When you start feeling bored and can’t distinguish the weekends from weekdays, pick the next item on your list, and go do it! Beat the cabin fever feeling with a hike you’ve always wanted to try, a meal you’ve been wanting to cook, a board game you’ve wanted to try, or even a new restaurant for takeout.

2. Build A Succulent Garden

Gardening is a COVID-friendly activity no matter the amount of space you have. You can do it alone or with others at a safe distance.

Gardening is a deeply satisfying activity and can provide a thorough but low-impact workout for those with an outside space. Gardening is the type of simple activity that many of us daydream about doing but often don’t because of the frenetic pace of American life.

Suggestion number two is to build a garden. Become a plant parent for little buds. Whether you live in a house or an apartment, you can mindfully observe new life grow and appreciate its beauty and resilience each day.

3. Try Mini-Meditations

The quarantine is not simply isolation. In the public sphere, it has featured a series of tumultuous events and alarming reporting on the devastating impact of COVID-19.

It all takes quite a toll on our mental health. If you’d like to calm your mind, our third suggestion is to try mini-meditations. You can find these on YouTube or download an app like “Calm” to begin a course that will teach you to meditate.

4. Move Your Body

Just because it’s a quarantine doesn’t mean you have to stay still. For many, there is no better way to shake it all off than by moving.

Our fourth suggestion is to move your body. Work out tension and trigger endorphins with movement. What else needs to be said? If you’re not a fan of a full-blown workout, that’s okay. Try a walk, a hike, a dance video, or even a silent disco zoom party. Whatever feels right.

5. Get Involved

Just because we’re alone in body doesn’t mean we have to be alone in spirit. Our fifth suggestion for coping with the quarantine: Get involved.

When you’re feeling isolated, it’s important to be part of something bigger. Advocate, donate, educate
and volunteer. You’ll be glad you did.

6. Talk To Someone

It’s okay not to be okay. But you don’t have to stay there.

Our sixth suggestion for coping with the quarantine: Talk to a therapist. Take the leap and talk to someone who can guide you or carry you through this period.

A little help can go a long way...

If you or someone you know could use help coping during the COVID-19 quarantine period by speaking to a therapist, let’s begin the conversation today. Call All Points North Lodge at 855.960.1122 or contact us online.




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