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The Clinging Shackles: Gambling Addiction




Row of Slot Machines

We all need to find our little pastimes and our bouts of excitement from time to time. For some it might be reading, for others it might be travelling, and a growing few, this excitement might manifest itself in the form of gambling.

The term ‘gambling’ encompasses a diverse group of activities, from lotto, to poker, to slot machines. Slots, in particular, can provide the most thrills by virtue of both the game itself as well as the atmosphere established within casinos. However, this also opens the door to a dangerous path, if one is not careful; while this form of betting is in itself as harmless as any other form of entertainment, the risk lies in the impulsive nature in which the game is played.

Therefore, responsible gambling when playing online slot takes a new status of importance. Being aware of what you are doing, as well as being aware of the risks is paramount to ensuring that gambling remains fun and a way to boost your mood, rather than becoming a problem. The legal status of online gambling also caused people to be wary of it in the past, but now it is legal almost everywhere, people are starting to relax.


Hook, Line and Sinker

Many people blame the gaming industry itself for causing addictions and leading people to lose their life savings and even their homes. However, as with all addiction, the heart of the problem is often times psychological, as well as question of self-control.

The allure of gaming is tied heavily to the concept of self-worth. The game presents a challenge, and winning the game gives the player a sense of self-satisfaction and boost in confidence. Losing the game has the opposite effect on a person’s psyche. This is especially true for those who visit proper casinos, as the casino atmosphere and the presence of other players work as an encouragement mechanism to seek further in the pursuit of a win.

Yet, online gamblers are just as liable to addiction – the solitude sometimes being a motivator in itself, due the secrecy it provides in terms of when and how much the gambler is betting.


Laptop Showing Online Casino & Gambling WebsiteOnline Responsibility

The concept of responsible gambling when playing online slot has led to a number of gaming companies to implement a number of measure in their policies and strategic decisions.

One such measure involves offering self-exclusion programmes, which limit the amount of money and time players can spend on a particular website. There are instances when the state has stepped in to enforce similar measures in order to safeguard individuals from compulsive gambling.

Also, understanding that responsible gambling requires a certain level of maturity, most online gambling operators often impose a rigorous registrations process with mandatory verification phases, and undertake constant site monitoring, as well as providing parental control option, in an attempt to shield naïve minors from the gambling world.



Who Should be Wary?

In reality, anyone can be susceptible to an impulse-control disorder which propels people to reckless gambling. Pathological gambling can affect people from all walks of life, transforming a fun, innocuous activity to an unhealthy preoccupation with dire costs.

However, the key to overcoming the issue is willpower and understanding one’s own motivations. On the other hand, the measures assumed by operators is witness to their commitment to preserve gaming as an enjoyable experience, and not as an ambitious, money-hungry industry.

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