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Top 5 Fearful Thoughts Preventing You from Success in the Studying Process




Student with a stack of books

College and fearful thoughts are not the words that are often heard together. But in the present scenario, college might not be as exciting to students as it might appear to everyone else from the outside. As the world around has evolved, so has the educational institutions and the concept of education itself. It no longer suffices to choose your favorite major and get a degree, today’s teens are alarmed by many other aspects as soon as they step into an education facility. 

In a study published in the medical journal Depression and Anxiety, it was observed that 3 out of 4 college students report stress that leads to suicidal thoughts today. The high expectations, the sense of self evolvement and adapting to a new environment could all lead to this stress. Here we are focusing on the five main fearful thoughts students have and how to overcome them to shine brighter in academics. 

1. Fear of Change 

Moving away from family is not a welcome thought for many. That by itself is a primary cause for stress among students. Moving to a new place, and starting a living alone is also accompanied by a set of responsibilities. Everything from the daily schedules to eating habits, many factors could affect the mood of a person and hinder their studying processes as well. 

The only way is to work your way through changes and to adapt yourself. Developing friendly relationships with fellow students and surrounding yourself with a supportive group can make the transition from home to college easier.

2. Fear of Isolation 

For many students, it is not as simple as moving; many travels across the world to get their education. With such a big move comes the cultural changes or even cultural shock. Without enough time to adjust to the new way of life, languages, and climate, students might also experience the feeling of alienation. 

3. Fear of not Being Accepted 

Teenagers today are well aware of what they seek in life. Their ambitions are high and they also know exactly what to do to achieve them. Surprisingly, many are worried about how others perceive their dreams and aspirations. 

Not being accepted for who you are is definitely one of the major concerns for students. This could lead to stressful thoughts that affect the learning process.

Student struggling to study

4. Fear for the Financial Situation 

Not all students are experienced with planning their own budget or even taking care of financial life. When that responsibility is suddenly handed over to them in college, it might turn out to be very demanding. If you are worried about finances, prepare yourself before going to college. Start planning budget beforehand and make a few points on how to live on a budget if need be. If you feel overwhelmed to handle the stress, do not hesitate to seek help from expert essay writers who can offer assistance to keep up with the academics. 

5. Fear of Failure 

Fear of failure is the one that would consume you even before you get started. It does not necessarily have to be about college or studies, but the dread of failure could paralyze you from taking any important decisions. To deal with this, it is imperative to understand why you have this anxiety. If required, you should also seek professional help from counselors or therapists to overcome these thoughts. 

For most of these stressful thoughts, understanding what does fearsome mean to your particular situation. Communicating effectively with your peers, professors and family could help you to get through many predicaments. What affects your studies also affects other areas of life and vice versa.  Ultimately, college is a place to get holistic education and focusing on all parts of life is essential for its success.

Coping with Culture Shock Infographic

Coping with Culture Shock Tips (Infographic)

Michelle Brooks

Michelle Brooks loves to read, write, listen to music and use words to persuade people. She has worked her way towards being the team leader of content managers. She uses words as weapons, so keep an eye out for her powerful articles. 

Her Twitter: @michellebrook23






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