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Treating Anxiety and Stress




Bowl of CBD oil on a pile of hemp seeds

Stress and anxiety should not be left unattended. Continuous turmoil in one’s life can have an effect on one’s health. This, in turn, affects the ability of a person to perform even simple tasks. When you are stressed, the ability to focus becomes harder and you will feel drained. In order to treat these symptoms, there are a few factors that must be considered. First, there is a difference between anxiety and stress. The two are linked, and medical attention may be required if the situation gets out of hand. An alternative to medical attention is seeking natural remedies. Last but not least, physical activity and family and friends are also a natural alternative to dealing with anxiety and stress.

Difference Between Anxiety and Stress

To start, there is a difference between stress and anxiety. Stress is a term used for a temporary feeling of tension or worry, whereas anxiety is a mental health issue. The two symptoms are linked, in that stress can cause anxiety and anxiety can be a symptom of stress. It’s important to realise which of the two you are dealing with, for the proper treatment. Stress ends when the moment that is causing tension passes, whereas anxiety may require medical attention and a more thorough treatment.

Medical Attention

There is no medication to treat stress; rather, there is one for anxiety. As previously mentioned, anxiety is a health issue that may require treatment. Doctors are able to prescribe medication for someone suffering from anxiety, but even then, it is important to consider the result of taking it. There is the potential for a psychological and physical addiction to the medication, where your body will become dependant on the medication when facing an anxiety-filled episode. As a result of this dependence, there are other, more natural remedies, to consider.

Natural Remedies

When feeling stressed, there are some natural remedies that can be adopted to help the current situation. For those cases that are less severe, people can drink herbal tea such as chamomile to relax, or even purchase some incense for the room. Lavender, whether it’s tea, oil, or cream, is also thought to help with stress. For more severe cases that also choose to use a natural remedy, consider a cannabis alternative known as CBD. CBD does not make people feel stoned and is in fact used for some medical conditions such as anxiety. The question becomes, how much CBD should I take? There is no scientific data to suggest how much you should take. Instead, consider your weight and the severity of your condition when deciding how much CBD to ingest. With natural remedies, there isn’t a straight answer when it comes to dosage.

Physical Activity

Physical activity can help during times of stress. Being active can distract you from your worries, and this can apply to any form of exercise. As exercise and stress relief go hand in hand, find an activity that works best with you. Exercise in increments and take it slow at the beginning. No one expects you to run a marathon. Given that you can choose any sport or activity for regular exercise, choose one that you enjoy doing. Instead of running, start by going on long walks and build up stamina.

Friends and Family

Spending quality time with family and friends will further help your state of mind. As stress can be caused by a particular event, surrounding yourself with good people and positive vibes can help you de-stress. People tend to absorb some of the energy of whom they are with, thus, it’s important to have positive energy lying around. Have a cup of tea with your best friend and talk through what is stressing you out. You will walk away feeling better and happier for talking about it and spending quality time with someone that cares about you. The same idea applies to family. These are individuals that want you to succeed and are there to help you in tough times. Consider even exercising with a friend, or go on a trip with a family member (whether it’s vacation or visiting a local spa). 

Engaging in an Activity you Love

Engaging in an activity you love can mean practicing hobbies that make you happy. Outside of work, spend time on leisure activities that make you smile and laugh. For instance, read a good book, watch a funny show, paint, draw, photograph, and so on. These activities can further help someone who is feeling stressed by refocusing their attention on another task. Namely, engage in a task that they enjoy doing and make them feel good about themselves.

Realising you Need Help

There were a number of factors mentioned in the article that can help with stress and anxiety. However, none of these factors will be useful if you don’t accept that you require help. You must be open to medical attention, natural remedies, exercising and spending times with family or friends. Do not close yourself off to the world and the people in it when you are feeling down. Closing yourself off will only make you feel worse, and potentially more stressed due to the fact that you are isolating yourself.

Although stress is a part of life, people must be equipped to deal with it properly. As mentioned at the beginning of the article, stress can lead to anxiety, and anxiety can be a result of stress. These become mental health issues, which can affect people’s ability to focus on the day to day. Once it festers, it negatively impacts your every decision and every mood. There are some cases where doctors can prescribe medication for anxiety, and there are other people or moments that call for natural remedies. This can include tea or essential oils, in addition to natural remedy pills such as CBD. Moreover, spending time with family and friends, exercising, and engaging in a hobby you enjoy are more natural remedies for dealing with stress. Realize that stress must be rectified and take the first steps towards a remedy. Some remedies are directly within your reach and can be found within the comforts of your home.

For an in-depth review of managing anxiety and stress with much information drawn from the Mayo Clinic why not take a look at an article from (here).

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