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Why and How to Create a Healing Garden




Couple creating a healing garden

We live in a time when humanity – once again – started realizing the healing power of nature. Since the ancient times, people have embraced nature’s qualities and turned to it for both physical, as well as spiritual healing. Nowadays, people are trying to reconnect with nature in all aspects of their lives, so it’s no wonder that healing gardens got their place in the spotlight once more.

Here, we’ll explore the reasons, as well as the ways, to create a healing garden in your own backyard. If this notion sounds appealing to you, please read on.

What is a Healing Garden?

Before we get down to any detailed descriptions of reasons and ways you can create a healing garden, we will first try to shine more light on the term itself. So, what is a healing garden? A healing garden usually refers to a garden area most commonly found in spaces such as hospitals, rehab facilities as well as aged care facilities. The idea behind such spaces is to promote healing in patients and occupants, as well as their families. 

However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t create such a space in your own backyard. 

Why Create a Healing Garden?

When talking about healing gardens found in previously-mentioned facilities, the answer to this question becomes obvious. Since all of those facilities focus on promoting the healing process and making the lives of their occupants as pleasant as possible, choosing to create a healing garden seems like the only logical way to go.

On the other hand, since we lead such hectic and fast lifestyles, we can actually benefit a lot from creating such areas at the comfort of our own homes and spending as much time there as possible. Spending some time in a beautifully designed natural environment can help us ground ourselves and put things in perspective.

How to Create a Healing Garden?

No matter whether we’re talking about a private healing garden or not, there are some common elements you should consider incorporating in the design. For instance, regular garden cleaning and maintenance can be one of them. You can find leads from this source.

Choose the right plants
Some plants, aside from looking beautiful, have the power to put our minds – and bodies – at ease. First, you should consider adding lavender around the pathway leading to the area designed for resting to slowly relax your mind. Next, add rosemary and thyme, both of which boost mental activities as well as memory. They are also said to have a positive effect on people suffering from dementia, as well as children with mental capacity issues. Finally, add lots of flowering plants to tie the entire design together. However, avoid high-maintenance plants as they are very delicate and require a lot of work, to avoid bringing unnecessary stress into your healing garden.

Create a comfortable seating area
Next, once all the plants have been planted, you should create a seating area where you’ll be able to relax and enjoy your garden. Find comfortable furniture and create a shaded area as well, where you can move to once the sun becomes too hot. For example, you can find various shade sails online and choose the design that fits your garden perfectly. Finally, add lots of comfortable seating pillows and throws to make the area warm and welcoming.

Create a great ambience
There are a few things that can make spending time in nature even more pleasant than it already is. Some of those things include the surrounding sounds. Therefore, consider installing wireless Bluetooth speakers, to play some soothing tunes every time you want to relax. Additionally, install a water feature in your healing garden as being close to water has a lot of benefits for our overall well-being. However, if and when adding a water feature, make sure you plant basil around it as damp areas are the perfect breeding grounds for mosquitoes and basil is an excellent (natural) mosquito repellant.

To wrap up, a healing garden is a perfect place to relax and unwind, allowing the nature to work its magic and heal you both on the inside and out. Therefore, choose the right plant, create a cozy sitting area in your healing garden and implement a few interesting additions to make it a true heaven on Earth.

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