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What Lurks Under Your Sink Can Hurt Your Mind and Body



Tap filling kitchen sink with waterWherever you go, whether inside or outside your house, you will undoubtedly encounter molds. They seek warmth, food, and moisture. These are the three things needed for them to multiply. In your house, they are most likely to grow in your kitchen, bathroom, or basement.

On the other hand, you can find them outdoors, on air currents, in water through cracks in walls, and in the dirt on your clothes. During hot and humid months, there is an increase in the formation of mold spores.

Molds are members of the fungi kingdom. Molds and the tiny spores they breed need only the three essential things to survive. One indication of molds thriving is the secretion of an unpleasant smell. Once you observe an unpleasant smell, you’ll know there is a sign of growth.

Though to what extent is a topic for debate, the fact is the presence of molds is related to human illness. You get exposed to risks of allergic reactions and other health related effects if your house contains molds (U.S. readers can test for household mold easily using Diagnostic Mold Test Kits from In addition to hidden and visible molds, dust mites, bacteria, chemicals, gasses, and other matter can come from the materials on which molds get cultivated. 

The unfortunate truth is that most of the toxic molds you are exposed to are in the air you breathe and thus cannot avoid easily; this may result in a serious health problem affecting not just your lungs, but also your brain.

However, there are various remedies to counter the potential threat including scientifically-proven natural options such as Sinus Defense and CitriDrops nasal sprays. There are also various pills on the market that can protect your brain from chemical damage associated with mold toxins, including the new Limitless Pills. The ingredients used in this supplement can also improve oxygenation, brain metabolism, and neuroplasticity.

Small But Deadly

Virus under a microscopeMany people don’t realize that no matter how small molds can be, they can make you extremely sick or even worse, kill you. Whatever kind it is, it has the potential to cause ill health. The severity of your symptoms depends on your age, general health, the type of mold present, the extremity of your exposure, and your sensitivity or the existing allergies you have. Moreover, the symptoms will vary from one person to another. 

Where Can You Find It?

Clean air is one of the vital components you need, not just for your physical, but also for your psychological health. Without fresh air, the body can’t function properly. Moreover, what affects the body can also affect the brain.

Due to the mold toxins combined with the air you breathe, you get exposed to it through inhalation and ingestion. Such mold toxins don't just affect the body, but also the brain. It can cause damage or chemical alteration especially if you are also not taking a nootropic supplement like the Limitless brain pill to help protect your brain. 

A small amount of mold won’t hurt most of us; the big problem begins when the mold spores get out of hand. If the quantity gets out of control or when you are highly sensitive to toxic mold, you might face severe health problems such as insomnia, anxiety, depression, confusion, and memory loss (see these mold studies).

Molds can be lurking in your living room, comfort room, kitchen sink or cabinet, or even on a loaf of bread. It ranges from microscopic fungi to obvious forms like the clustered green mold you see on an old loaf of bread or black mold on the walls of damp buildings. 

You might not be aware that there is a high amount of microscopic fungi moving through your airspace. You cannot see it because it is completely invisible to the human eye. Thus, posing an increased risk of you not knowing and, in turn, not getting rid of it. For this reason it is worth taking Sinus Defense, which contains colostrum-based Transfer Factor, providing protection against mold allergies and infections that may cause chronic sinusitis. 

Your Signs and Symptoms

Woman blowing her noseSince molds grow in damp indoor and outdoor environments, you are exposed to them anytime and anywhere. If you stay in such environments, you may have the tendency to experience different signs and symptoms that show the effects of molds on your body.

Considering the severity of your illness caused by molds, you could suffer from muscle and joint pain, fatigue, immune system disturbances, headache, diarrhea, trouble breathing, visual disturbances, and shortness of breath. 

Molds affect not only the body but also the brain. They can cause tremors, headaches, anxiety, severe depression, loss of coordination, and multiple sclerosis.

What To Do About This?

Keeping your body and mind healthy is the key to a wholesome life. Though many factors may affect the totality of your well-being, taking definitive steps by exercising, eating healthy, and most importantly - keeping your surroundings clean, can change your life.

The most important thing to do here is to eliminate molds. Though it would be impossible to trace up every single molecule in the air, there are ways to help keep them away. One important thing to remember is to keep things dry.

Scrubbing The Molds Away

As much as possible, cleaning daily or at least three times a week with a mold-specific product like EC3 Mold Solution Concentrate can help lessen, or even eliminate, the growth of molds. If there are cases where it already thrived on about one square foot of walls, windowsills, tiles or any hard surfaces, you can safely remove it.

You should use a pair of goggles and rubber gloves in the process to avoid contaminating yourself with mold and its spores. Use EC3 Mold Solution (or similar) as directed on the bottle, and scrub the affected area with a handheld brush.

No To Too Much Moisture

Old fashioned kitchen

Since moisture is one of the factors that can result in the development of mold, you should monitor moisture, especially inside your house. You can use a hygrometer to check the indoor humidity level. Simple indoor/outdoor weather stations, and even some bedside alarm clocks, feature such humidity monitors. 

The average humidity level usually ranges from fifty to fifty-five percent. If it outreaches, you can lower it by turning on your air conditioner or dehumidifier. On the other hand, in cold weather, humidity should stay around thirty percent.

Keep Things Dry All The Time

Are you aware that within twenty-four hours most molds are growing? Water coming from the leaks on the roof, a crevice in the foundation, or a crack in the pipes can lead to mold growth. You need to fix these problems right away to avoid mold. If you find a leak, dry the area as soon as possible.

Also, you can rent a wet-vac to dry the floors or any wet areas. Moreover, you can use fans or heater to dry ceiling tiles and wallboard. 


When molds die, they shed substances that can combine with house dust. Such nasty cocktails can cause coughing, sneezing, asthma attacks, and itchy eyes. Once you clean up mold, you should make sure to use a vacuum to go over the affected surfaces. 

Cleaning it up with a vacuum can reduce the possibility of it dispersing into the air. You should make use of a central vacuum or one with a HEPA filter to thoroughly get rid of the mold. 

Once this stage is complete you would be wise to learn about and consider using EC3 Air Purification Candles which offer a unique and incredibly simple and affordable means to rebalance the airborne microbial environment in your home. 


Despite their size, molds can be deadly. You can encounter them anywhere, anytime. Since they need warmth and moisture to grow, you usually see them lurking in your wet rooms such as kitchen, laundry room, bathrooms, basement and so on. 

Whether or not mold is seen, looking and fixing the sources of excess warmth and moisture are essential for keeping your body and mind healthy.

Most mold toxins mix with the air you breathe, exposing you through inhalation and ingestion. These mold toxins affect the body as a whole, but particularly the brain, so protecting this most vital of organs with a supplement like Limitless Pills may be worth the relatively small investment. 

In addition, if you take the steps discussed such as monitoring moisture, scrubbing visible mold away with EC3 Mold Solution, keeping things dry at all times, and 'microbalancing' the air in your home with EC3 Air Purification Candles, you will have gone a long way to protecting your own health and that of your family from the dangers of mold. 


Author Bio:
Christine Taylor | Health WriterChristine Taylor is a health enthusiast. Despite a busy work life in the field of biological sciences, she still finds time to write articles about health and living a healthy lifestyle. Moreover, she sees to it that her readers find the information she discovers in her day job to be interesting and valuable.



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