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Living with environmental illness can become debilitating and be a source of much frustration. It’s difficult as there are a lot of factors in a person’s general environment that can cause reactions and lead to poor health. However, as research into it is still in its early stages, it is difficult to determine an exact cure for this type of illness. It can put strains on relationships, as some people might not understand the severity of the condition. Although some people have more restricting conditions than others, there is still a lot to make you react to your surroundings. While you might not be able to control outside forces, there are some changes you can make at home to make it more comfortable for those that suffer from environmental illness. 

Cleaning Products

Chemicals are a big trigger for those who suffer with this condition. For some, the reactions can be quite severe and cause serious health problems. Try to source anti-allergen products and organic alternatives, and see if they can improve the general atmosphere at home, easing the symptoms of either yourself or a loved one. Switching to these products have additional benefits too, as they are more eco-friendly and safer to use. 


Another common trigger is food. For those who suffer with the condition, they should have identified what food sources lead them to have a reaction. You might even find that this changes as time goes on; therefore, keeping a detailed diary tracking what foods cause a problem could be a good idea. It could be an allergic reaction to the food itself, or due to pesticides and fertilizer treatments leaving traces on produce, this could also be a factor into why a person might be having a reaction. 

Home Furnishings

Certain materials at home, like the carpet or fabric on your couch, can hold dust particles and other things that are allergens likely to cause irritation. Additionally, items like mattresses tend to cause problems, too. If you spill drinks or sweat during the night, your mattress will absorb these liquids, and that can increase the bacteria and allergens that are present. However, there are mattress toppers that are designed to waterproof your bed that can help with this problem, and hopefully, reduce the chance of a reaction. 

Stop Smoking

If you’re a smoker and do so in your home, then this could be another issue if you or someone you live with suffers from this condition. The chemicals produced by the tobacco smoke is an irritant and will likely flare up symptoms for someone who has an environmental illness. Additionally, smoking is generally bad for your overall health, and others could be suffering from second-hand smoke in the home. Either take it outside or better yet, quit altogether. 

There are many more triggers for environmental illness, and some people will react to more than others. If you or a loved one suffers, use these points as somewhere to start making your home more comfortable.

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