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Dealing With Adrenal Fatigue




Man sitting on sofa looking stressed

Chronic fatigue is affecting millions of people around the world these days. We have become a society that works itself to a standstill, skips on sleep, and often simply relies on stress and caffeine to get us through the day! One of the results of this incredibly unhealthy lifestyle is that we are constantly craving foods high in sugar, consuming these, and still suffering from debilitating levels of exhaustion. While this overtiredness can be caused by a number of different things, as chronic fatigue has many sides to it, one common aspect is usually something known as adrenal fatigue. 

The problem begins when your level of cortisol stays in the high range when it shouldn’t, often as a result of chronic stress. This can result in adrenal fatigue, which, rather than a problem with your adrenal glands, is actually an issue in your brain. It typically occurs when the hypothalamic-adrenal axis (HPA) has stopped working properly, and so your brain has stopped appropriate communication with your adrenal glands, thus your cortisol levels are not being regulated. Symptoms include trouble getting out of bed in the morning, afternoon tiredness, and getting a second wind in the evening. 

Learn How to Manage Your Stress

The effects of stress on your health can be devastating, and even if you’re doing everything else correctly regarding your health, without proper stress management, your good habits won’t mean much. Good ideas are practicing mindfulness meditation and taking time out of your day to simply focus on breathing slowly and deeply. Reward yourself for checking things off your To Do list, allowing yourself to spend some downtime enjoying the online pokies Australia has to offer, for example, and making sure you stay in the moment. 

Spend Time in the Outdoors

If you have a job that sees you spending most of your time inside, you need to make a point of getting out more often. Some people believe that our DNA is coded to give us affinity with fresh air and sunshine, and this may well be why many of us seek out their health-boosting influences and suffer from the lack of them. Earthing, or walking on the ground outside barefoot, is also a great exercise, and may help you. There’s something about the skin-and-earth connection that can literally ground you, and will at least leave you feeling refreshed. 

Up Your Levels of Vitamin D

Sunshine will help you boost your Vitamin D levels, because your body will manufacture more of this important hormone when it senses the light on your skin. Vitamin D regulates more than 200 genetic pathways, so it’s important to keep your levels high enough. 

The Simple Power of Saying No

This is something many of us really struggle with. We don’t want to disappoint anyone, and, of course, you can always do more. But starting to manage your stress means creating space in your life to refuel, so spend time with loved-ones, and do things just for yourself. And don’t simply pencil it in! It is important that you do this for your physical, mental, and emotional health.

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