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Candida Questionnaire





The candida questionnaire aims to determine whether candida COULD be a factor contributing to your ill health. It does this with a series of questions taking into account your personal history and your present symptoms. The candida questionnaire is designed for adults and should not be used by children under 12.


For each "Yes" answer in Section A, circle the point score in that section. Record your total score in the box at the end of the section. Then move on to Sections B and C and score as directed.


Filling out and scoring this candida questionnaire should help you and your doctor evaluate the possible role of Candida in contributing to your health problems. Yet it will not provide an automatic "Yes" or "No" answer.

Section A: History

1. Have you taken tetracyclines (Symycin, Panmycin, Vibramycin, Minocin, etc.) or other antibiotics for acne for one month or longer?
2. Have you, at any time in your life, taken other "broad spectrum" antibiotics* for respiratory, urinary or other infections for 2 months or longer or in shorter courses 4 or more times in a 1-year period? 20
3. Have you taken a broad spectrum antibiotic -- even in a single course?
4. Have you, at anytime in your life, been bothered by persistent prostatitis, vaginitis, or other problems affecting your reproductive organs? 25
5. Have been pregnant 2 or more times?
1 time?
6. Have you taken birth control pills for more than 2 years?
for 6 months to 2 years?
7. Have you taken Prednisone, Decadron or other cortisone-type drugs for more than 2 weeks?
For 2 weeks or less?
8. Does exposure to perfumes, insecticides, fabric shop odors, and other chemicals provoke moderate to severe symptoms?
Mild symptoms?
9. Are your symptoms worse on damp, muggy days or in moldy places? 20
10. Have you had athlete's foot, ring worm, jock itch, or other chronic fungus infections of the skin or nails? Have such infections been severe or persistent?
Mild to moderate?
11. Do you crave sugar? 10
12. Do you crave breads? 10
13. Do you crave alcoholic beverages? 10
14. Does tobacco smoke really bother you? 10
Point Score ____



Section B: Major Symptoms


For each of your symptoms, enter the appropriate figure in the point score column:
3 points - for occasional or Mild
6 points - for frequent and/or Moderately Severe
9 points - for severe and/or Disabling

Add total score and record it in the box at the end of this section:
1. Fatigue or lethargy ______
2. Feeling of being "drained" ______
3. Poor memory ______
4. Feeling "spacey" or "unreal" ______
5. Depression ______
6. Numbness, burning, or tingling ______
7. Muscle aches ______
8. Muscle weakness or paralysis ______
9. Pain and/or swelling in joints ______
10. Abdominal pain ______
11. Constipation ______
12. Diarrhea ______
13. Bloating ______
14. Troublesome vaginal discharge ______
15. Persistent vaginal burning or itching ______
16. Prostatitis ______
17. Impotence ______
18. Loss of sexual desire ______
19. Endometriosis ______
20. Cramps and/or other menstrual irregularities ______
21. Premenstrual tension ______
22. Spots in front of the eyes ______
23. Erratic vision ______
Point Score ______



Section C: Other Symptoms


For each of your symptoms, enter the appropriate figure in the point score column:
1 point for occasional or Mild
2 points for frequent and/or Moderately Severe
3 points for severe and/or Disabling

Add total score and record it in the box at the end of this section:
1. Drowsiness ______
2. Irritability or jitteriness ______
3. Incoordination ______
4. Inability to concentrate ______
5. Frequent mood swings ______
6. Headache ______
7. Dizziness/loss of balance ______
8. Pressure above ears, feeling of head swelling and tingling ______
9. Itching ______
10. Other rashes ______
11. Heartburn ______
12. Indigestion ______
13. Belching and intestinal gas ______
14. Mucus in stools ______
15. Hemorrhoids ______
16. Dry mouth ______
17. Rash or blister in mouth ______
18. Bad breath ______
19. Joint swelling or arthritis ______
20. Nasal congestion or discharge ______
21. Postnasal drip ______
22. Nasal itching ______
23. Sore or dry throat ______
24. Cough ______
25. Pain or tightness in chest ______
26. Wheezing or shortness of breath ______
27. Urinary urgency or frequency ______
28. Burning or tearing of eyes ______
29. Failing vision ______
30. Burning on urination ______
31. Recurrent infections or fluid in ears ______
32. Ear pain or deafness ______
Point Score ______



Total Score, Section A
Total Score, Section B
Total Score, Section C



The Grand Total Score will help you and your doctor decide if your health problems are yeast-connected. Scores in women will run higher as 7 items in the questionnaire apply exclusively to women, while only 2 apply exclusively to men.



If your score is: Symptoms are:
180 (women) Almost Certainly
140 (men) Yeast Connected
120 (women) Probably
90 (men) Yeast Connected
60 (women) Possibly
40 (men) Yeast Connected
Less Than: 60 (women)
40 (men)
Probably Not Yeast Connected


Note: This test should not be taken as a definitive medical diagnosis. If you have a health problem you should contact your healthcare professional immediately.





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