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New bedroom furniture has a strong odor and pregnant





Debra Lynn Dadd

Green Living - Questions & Answers

......with Debra Lynn Dadd









After recovering from MCS by removing toxic chemicals in her home, Debra Lynn Dadd went on to become a pioneering consumer advocate for health and the environment. Author of Home Safe Home, she also has a popular website containing a directory with more than 1000 links to nontoxic and eco-friendly products, a Q&A blog with many MCS bloggers, recipes for using natural sweeteners, and more. Debra is also available by phone for consultations. She lives in Florida with her husband, who drives a car powered by vegetable oil. Visit her website at




Tuesday, October 13th, 2009:


New bedroom furniture has a strong odor and pregnant!


by Debra Lynn Dadd





I have been up coughing all night and found your website while trying to search for an "indoor air specialist". Yesterday I recieved the wall unit that I had designed and ordered for our bedroom. Right away I smelled a strong odor in the room and was concerned about chemincal exposure because I am pregnant. I know that because I "designed" this unit it is not "returnable", however I am feeling like if there were chemicals used in the processing of this piece of furniture that are making me cough I should be able to do something right?? It was very expensive and if it is possibly making me sick and maybe even my little one I want it out of here! Is there someone that can come in and tell me if the level of chemicals in that room is toxic or safe so that I can tell the company to take back the furniture and give me my money back?









Yes, you can have someone come in an test the air, but it may cost you more than the price of the furniture.


I suggest you start by telling them you were coughing all night and want to return it. Since it is custom, they probably won't. They may, however, consider they have a moral obligation to not make you sick with their furniture.


This may be an expensive lesson. Do you know the materials and finishes used? Today it's important to consider materials and finishes BEFORE you order and get samples.


I once had a client who installed thousands of dollars of built-ins for his wife all over their bedroom and closet. They were all particleboard and they made her so sick he had to take them all out. She wasn't particularly sensitive to chemicals before this installation, but all that formaldehyde pushed her immune system over the edge.


Debra :-)








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Home Safe Home: Creating a Healthy Home Environment by Reducing Exposure to Toxic Household Products

Home Safe Home: Creating a Healthy Home Environment by Reducing Exposure to Toxic Household Products


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