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Regular discussion of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity related issues from Lourdes Salvador of MCS America.

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New Study Shows Autism Increases with Vaccination 5162
Students Suffer from Poor Air Quality in Schools 4978
World Health Organization Meeting on MCS and EHS 11298
The Wastebasket Diagnosis - Preventing Misdiagnosis and Intimidation 8906
Deodorants Are the Leading Cause of Allergic Contact Dermatitis 9777
Environmental Illnesses Cost 76.6 Billion Dollars Annually in Children Alone 4041
Changes in the Americans with Disabilities Act May affect People with MCS 8091
Hawaii Governor Abercrombie Recognizes MCS Americas Contributions to Community Health and Wellness 6170
Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) Awareness in Schools 5132
Scientific Panel Argues for a New Approach to Protecting the Public from Electromagnetic Fields 4311
Toxic Substances as the Cause of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity 5258
Left Hung Out to Dry with EI 4877
Researchers Suggest Sick Building Syndrome May Be Caused by Vaccinations 7159
Air Pollution Shown to Lead to Brain Damage 6352
EPA Provides Access to Some Chemical Studies 4824
Herbicide Found to Cause Coordination and Learning Difficulties 4903
Coming to Terms with Diagnosis of a New Chronic Illness 6802
A Plan for the Worst: Surviving Surgery & Hospitalization 5456
Ion Generators on Air Filters Bad for Health Say Scientists 9715
Household Cleaning Hazardous to Heath Say Scientists 4799