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Lourdes Salvador volunteers as a writer and social advocate for the recognition of multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS). She was a passionate advocate for the homeless and worked with her local governor to provide services to the homeless through a new approach she created to end homelessness. That passion soon turned to advocacy and activism for people with MCS and the medical professionals who serve them. She co-founded MCS Awareness in 2005 and went on to found MCS America in 2006. She serves as a partner for Environmental Education Week, a partner for the Collaborative on Health and the Environment (CHE), and a supporter for the American Cancer Society: Campaign for Smokefree Air.


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Monday, March 15th, 2010:


Consumer Products Shown to Affect Health


by Lourdes Salvador

Exposure to biocides from common household products may contribute to sensitization in the population say researchers. 


A biocide is a chemical agent, such as a disinfectant, preservative, antiseptic, pesticide, or herbicide, which is intended to destroy harmful organisms. 


Products containing biocides are used for a variety of purposes in the home environment, such as cleaning, disinfecting, controlling pests, and bathing.


Biocides have now been shown to cause human heath problems.  Simple use and exposure to these products, including living in buildings in which they are used, may lead to overexposure to the chemical ingredients they contain. 


Sensitization may cause skin problems, allergies and asthma, or even disabling symptoms of toxicity such as neurological problems or chemical sensitivity. 


Of 20 biocides tested, researchers found that half of them lead to sensitization.


People think they are doing a good thing by cleaning and disinfecting, but in reality their zeal for cleanliness may  be responsible for the epidemic increase of allergies and asthma.


Cleaning removes of dirt and odors.  This can generally be accomplished with a damp cloth and water.  Tough jobs are easily accomplished with safe and natural cleansers such as baking soda, white vinegar, and peroxide. 


Disinfectants are generally not needed and scented consumer products are totally unnecessary.  In fact, scented cleaners are hazardous and often contain toxic ingredients hidden in the ingredient fragrance. 


Once sensitization occurs, there is generally no turning back.  Anyone can become sensitized with enough exposure.  Some people who are more susceptible may become sensitized more easily. 


MCS America has printed several brochures with safer cleaning tips. 


Grandma's Cupboard:  Kitchen Cleaning


Grandma's Cupboard:  Personal Care


Grandma's Cupboard:  Laundry


Stephen Tvedten has printed an excellent resource for natural pest control.


The Best Control



Hahn S, Schneider K, Gartiser S, Heger W, Mangelsdorf I.  Consumer exposure to biocides - identification of relevant sources and evaluation of possible health effects.  Environ Health. 2010 Feb 3;9(1):7. [Epub ahead of print]






For more articles on this topic, see: MCSA News.


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