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Flu Shot Increases Risk of H1N1





MCS America

Lourdes Salvador's Column

...Co-founder of MCS America discusses the latest Multiple Chemical Sensitivity issues.








Lourdes Salvador volunteers as a writer and social advocate for the recognition of multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS). She was a passionate advocate for the homeless and worked with her local governor to provide services to the homeless through a new approach she created to end homelessness. That passion soon turned to advocacy and activism for people with MCS and the medical professionals who serve them. She co-founded MCS Awareness in 2005 and went on to found MCS America in 2006. She serves as a partner for Environmental Education Week, a partner for the Collaborative on Health and the Environment (CHE), and a supporter for the American Cancer Society: Campaign for Smokefree Air.


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Monday, May 17th, 2010:


Flu Shot Increases Risk of H1N1


by Lourdes Salvador

Getting a flu shot in 2009 increased a person´s risk of H1N1 with complications by nearly 3 times.

Researchers in Canada confirmed through four independent studies that vaccination with a seasonal flu shot increased the risk of requiring medical attention and/or hospitalization due to the pandemic strain of flu called H1N1.

Another researcher team found that getting a flu shot triples the risk of hospitalization from the seasonal flu. If one has asthma the risk is increased to six fold. The flu shot also nearly doubles the chance of certain cancers.

The vaccine has been also linked to an increased risk of cancer, paralysis, Guillain-Barre syndrome, neurological complications, auto immune disease, chronic fatigue, chemical sensitivity, heavy metal toxicity, musculodegenerative disease, and other problems. The package inserts confirm the risk of these complications, though unsuspecting people are routinely not informed of the dangers before receiving a flu shot.

Each year the media and medical profession light up with a mass push to encourage vaccination while survey´s show that more than half of medical professionals refuse to take the same vaccine or allow it for their children. This conflicted message has left many people confused and mistrustful of vaccines.

To combat this and encourage vaccination, the public health community routinely uses fear as a manipulative tactic to promote public uptake of the flu vaccine. Campaigns imply that the flu shot could prevent flu deaths in thousands of people. True or false, the message is clear. You will die if you don´t get vaccinated.

However, it is a doubled edged sword and the public is only informed of half the story. The vaccinated are at increased risk for cancer, H1N1, neurological problems, and Guillain-Barre syndrome.

In the event anyone is harmed by a vaccine, logic says a person should be able to sue the makers of vaccines or the doctors who recommend and administer them. However, vaccine makers, doctors, and federal officials who encourage immunization have been granted legally immune from lawsuits that result from vaccinations. This has been in place since the early 1980´s when doctors refused to administer vaccines any longer if they would continue to be held liable.

Physicians don´t trust vaccines. Why should the public trust them? When parents and the public put two and two together, vaccines quickly come into question.






There is a vaccine and a push to encourage every man, woman, and child to get vaccinated. But, doctors who won´t take it of give it to their children. Further, they refused to administer it unless they could not be sued for the damage vaccines cause. So, both physicians and vaccine makers were granted legal immunity so that injured patients and their children cannot sue for damages. With this fishy history, It´s no small wonder the public mistrusts vaccines!

Not to be misunderstood, there is a federal vaccine injury compensation program. However, getting a payout for legitimate damage is not as easy as one would think. Coincidence is a term that many vaccine injured people are familiar with… an excuse to avoid paying out for damages. If it´s an apology and a move towards safer vaccines for the nation´s children that one wants, they are also out of luck. The vaccine injury compensation program takes no responsibility and does not trigger any corrective action. Basically, it´s a settlement to get an injured party to go away.

There is also a vaccine adverse event reporting system (VAERS) which is supposed to track adverse reactions to vaccines, however the vast majority of adverse reactions are never reported to VAERS. Some reactions are never connected by the patient or doctor. A many may have a stroke after a vaccination, but not tell the hospital he had just been vaccinated. Even if he did, the doctors at the hospital would most likely call it a coincidence. If these cases were all reported as possible reactions, a pattern might emerge. But, they are not reported. So, VAERS cannot be replied upon to present true and accurate picture of vaccine related injuries. Most often the only things reported to VAERS from physicians in the field are minor reactions such as pain at the injection site or swelling.

Advocates against vaccinations cite them as nothing more than a big money maker, saying some politicians receive handsome campaign contributions from the firms that make them. Advocates say that this biases the politicians to push vaccination laws on the public. In addition, they say doctors who refuse to administer vaccines may face penalties and loss of their medical license. It´s a system designed to coerce people into recommending, giving, and receiving vaccinations.

The vast majority of cases of flu result in nothing more than a few days of discomfort. Getting the flu builds natural immunity which lasts a lifetime. One should weigh whether the risk of flu shot complications outweighs a week of discomfort that builds natural immunity.

One advocate said, "Would you risk being uncomfortable and miss a week of work if you don´t get the flu shot. Or would you rather get the shot at the risk of lifelong chronic vaccine-related illness and disability that prevents work altogether?" Since vaccinations don´t even prevent flu and instead increase the chances of getting it and having complications, this one should be a no brainer. That´s right… these studies show that the flu shot increases the chance of getting the flu and having complications.

This brings up great confusion as to why there is a push to vaccinate people when it will only give them the flu and put them at risk of lifelong disabling complications.

Several theories exist as to why getting a flu shot increases risk of disease.

  1. The immune system is weakened and compromised by the vast number of vaccinations which assault it.
  2. Inoculations introduce both intended and stray viruses.
  3. Vaccines introduce foreign DNA, toxic chemicals, and other matter directly into the blood stream in an unnatural fashion.
  4. Vaccination at an early age does not allow the immune system to fully develop.
  5. Adjuvants added to vaccines to increase the reaction of the immune system to the vaccine cause it to become hyperactive and stay hyperactive.
  6. Adjuvants containing heavy metals such as aluminum and mercury are not easily eliminated from the body and have been linked to neurological and musculodegenerative disease.

What advocates say makes some sense. We know vaccinations don´t work and inflict harm. We know that vaccine related injuries are underreported, hidden, and dismissed as coincidental even though prevalence of these "coincidental" occurrences is vastly lower in unvaccinated populations. We know many studies are manipulated and funded to bias findings. This is all easy enough to ascertain.

So, it must be about the money… a nice handsome fee for each vaccine administered to every man, woman, and child every year as a customer. If it´s not about the money, it´s something way more coordinated and sinister than any of us could imagine.


American Thoracic Society (2009, May 20). Children Who Get Flu Vaccine Have Three Times Risk Of Hospitalization For Flu, Study Suggests. ScienceDaily. Retrieved May 20, 2009.

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For more articles on this topic, see: MCSA News.


Copyrighted 2010 Lourdes Salvador & MCS America



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