A Thorough Disagreement to the Theory that Fibromyalgia is simply Psychosomatic

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Wondering if there's any truth to Fibromyalgia being a case, or in part a case,  of Psychosomatics.  Everything's connected sure.  But must i read the whole book in order to find out whether it is indeed either caused, or sustained by psychosomatics?

The Divided Mind: The Epidemic of Mindbody Disorders by John E. Sarno, M.D.

And if it is trauma/stress that effects a weakening of the immune system initially, how could one attribute it to simply mood or the mind?  For instance, if the trauma was physical, that does mean injury happenening to the entire body.  (which does include the blood and also therefore brain.)  (For instance, some shady antibiotics do not and yet some do pass the blood brain barrier.  So who's to say that an antibiotic, for instance, couldn't poison a person directly. . . There sure have been more and more stories coming out about how some drugs have, indirectly and not. 
Moreover,  in hindsight; Once someone alrady is challenged with Fibromyalgia, (not to mention everything else that can go along with it;  celiac's disease, candida, hypothyroid issues, and last but not least, all of the physical manifestations of these various organ and system malfuctionings present,.... gluten sensitivity, gluten intolerance, mal absorbtion, brittle bones, weak joints, tendonitis, spontaneously ruptured tendons, brain fog, attention-deficit out of nowhere, concentration issues, memory issues, (and other imperative frontal lobe functions that we need for existing in a civilized social human world), experiences of ibs, stomach distension,  nausea, headaches, light sensitivities, chemical sensitivities, disappearing libido,  How then could someone pose that, someone who appreas to be challenged with Fibromyalgia, is only facing pschosymatic pain, and that it's all in the head? 
Sit in a slumped position.  Go ahead, and sit in a concave, slumpy bad-postured way for 2 minutes.  Now, How do you feel?  The answer is.... not as good as before.  Or. lousy.  (Possibly with confidence or self-esteem squelched, too.)  Emotions are nothing more than involuntary muscle contractions.  Call it triggerred body-memory, whatever you want.  So notice that the way the body feels can affect the way you feel emotionally.  (Ie:  when you're sick,  or have a terrible headache or horrid stomach flu, it can sometimes effect, to any extent,  how you feel emotionally.)  It can go both ways.  Remember as a child, being at the dinner table or in a childghood classroom, and you are either about to be criticized, harassed, to become  in trouble, or simply become painfully embarassed.  Do you remember how you held your body tight and rigid, held the tension in various places in your body: the shoulders, the lower back, etc.) It can go both ways.
     It's quite obvious that the brain is not so separate from the rest of the body.  "Interdependent" if you will. . . If there are communication issues with receptors in the brain, how is that not also a physical issue of a chemical reaction?  How could anyone doctor or medical practitioner who takes themselves seriously, overlook the fact that the body can effect the mind just as much as the mind effects the body.  Haven't they ever heard of Taoist Yoga?  (Or just about any yoga for that matter.)  Talk about Living Proof of that fact.  Or Ayruveda?  My Goodness!  It's popularity has many thousands of years on the Western MD's limited scope.   There are plenty of Naturopath and Osteopath Practitioners who can identify and treat modern day issues with an insanely better success rate, regardless of some of the bogus statistics out there that would have us believe otherwise. Try a live-blood analysis, for starters, geeze!  Or does it make only too much sense to do so!  (that last remark is towards the ER types, & those who are fear-mongering, heartless, soulless, business-only-oriented "doctors" out there.  Such ignorant-by-choice types should be left completely out of the health-nterest efforts of the present and future.  Step one: take your health into your own hands.  You are responsible for your health. Allow yourself to be reempowered to do so.  And although that is quite enough about any Western Medicine rant, I however would like to mention that some Naturopaths know that either the trauma from, or from a prescription drug itself can indeed be the cause of these compromised immune system issues so many of us have been facing these days.  Exposure to molds, [ even as young children] can also be the cause.  Knowing those two things alone can cause this, I do not need bother asking what the hell immunizations, mind mercury does or doesn't do.  (Have you seen "This Beautiful Truth" google youtube and search for Mercury filling off-gassing to know more of the truth.  google Dr. Klinghardt's Academy website and listen to various interview samples about mercury, and see how it withstands any information and background you know about how this all works.  Cellphones, (Do you get that nice frontal lobe headache going on when on them? Or computers for that matter? . . . Nausea. . . Dizziness. . . EMFs, this crap and other pollution is all around us.  Should I mention our water! mind air pollution?


Hope you have a local Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System accessable. . .  Fortunately, Whole Foods, and local Co-ops have them, thankfully. . .   Deionizers for the home can be insanely costly.  Hopefully that too will change. . .:) 's do the best we can.

So, the body can affect the mind just as much as the mind can affect the body.  (Is it any wonder that Western Med Science has even "discovered" that : The organ in the body which has 100 million neurons and the greatest amount of the nerve transmitter serotonin, IS THE GUT! and NOT THE BRAIN!  *"O-M-G."* (http://pn.psychiatryonline.org/cgi/content/full/36/14/16)  And although UNC & others have made much med. progress into understanding "IBS", Acupuncturists and Chinese Medicine Doctors can tell you that it is indeed stress-induced. They treat patients who have this.
    Speaking of stress, is there anyone who has any or all of the triplets, (as I call them) : Candida, Fibromyalgia, and Celiac's Disease, that *doesn't* experience strange chronic stress and anxiety?  Like as though your nerves are more sensitive, that anything can set you off? As though your immune system isn't what is seemed to once be/handle? . . .As though your center is constantly being thrown off balance?  Let's taken the opportunity to start checking how our physical body is feeling.  I bet you everything that you are in physical pain whether or not you had realised it before.  Everything tightening.  (In the case of Fibromyalgia)      Presently my personal experience & attested observation,  is that Candida can appear after a scary prescription drug is taken.  BTW Why aren't Probiotics prescribed as the addition to any antibiotic regiment?  So Candida is actually the body's natural mechanism to fight the stuff going on in the intestines.  It doesn't get take care of, so you begin to notice more and more allergies and sensitivities you never had prior to this.  Then, because you don't know that you have certain food and chemical sensitivities, you continue to each whatever you normally eat.  And, even if it is already 90% organic,  local when possible, and even if you've stopped doing dairy!, stopped eating anything with  processed sugar, (not even any "organic evaporated cane juice" or "brown rice syrup" !) it seems to get worse. . . You are still simply then damaging your small intestines further.  Then it progresses from gluten sensitivity, to intolerance.  Gluten banned for life.  But if it's a long enough a time of suffering, it apparently turns into a worsening thing which becomes clearly noticed as fibromyalgia.  By that point, whether it be months or (unfortunately for some) years, the amount of physical aches and pains and limited strength enough to completely rearrange your entire life *for you* has already happened.  Not to mention, lapses in memory, concentration, and therefore learning impairment, critical thinking faculties for some, cognitive abilities (or so it would seem...) and other completely Life altering challenges.  This is perhaps just one of many orientations of such a health-slip progression.

   So for the argument of that whole:
I'd say that first of all, there are plenty of causes within the human system to which one suffering from hypothyroidism (which, with no suprises is linked and associated with the presence of fibromyalgia and myofacial pain), to celiac's disease(which obvious contains hypersensitivity to chemicals and a wide variety of modern-day foods, including gluten - - which is again, not surprisingly also found to be the root source of children who have noted certain "behavioural issues".  Not surprisingly either, is that when children who have ADD, ADHD, or other challenges/traits of the "autism spectrum", that when preservatives, additives, sugar and wheat(and other gluten(s)) are eliminated from their diets, their "behaviour" vastly improves, as do their performance in school, social experiences, and obvious, their lives.  Also I will point out, recently that some US patients who began the gluten-free diet, have apparently been helped with challenges as serious as schizophrenia.  So there's obviously no telling what our diet hasn't created. (hurt/helped) Let's be sure to explore the possibility of diet fully. 
Please enjoy this video:

And last but not least, there is a saying:

An adage in Chinese: “different disease, same treatment; same disease, different treatment.”    Tong bin yi zhi, yi bing tong zhi.
  "In other words, patients with different diseases may get the same treatment if the underlying pattern of disharmony of the internal organs and channels, the cause, is the same.  Likewise, patients with all the same disease or complaint may get completely different treatments if their pattern or cause is different." ~(http://www.qigongnj.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=31&Itemid=48)
   You can read the NAET The Natural Allergy Elimination Technique Book, an MD who is also a long-time Acupuncturist.  Very excellent book. 
Energetically Speaking, I have noticed interesting commonalities of those who have suffered with FM.  Seemingly random, yet here it is:  Of the 5 or so that I have met in my life, all were women, all had their first case, or rather, war of it, in their early thirties, save myself and one other.  They were overly-independent, either from relatively rigid, cold upbringing, from survival's need, or both.  Many came from either a culturally or religion-oriented oppression of women, insofar as in one speaking their truth, having a voice, having their worth acknowledged, being allowed to take up the space that they do, feelings of lack, of unabundance, of severe separation.  (Symbolically, I have personally seen it as a picture of  separation from source, of a slow painful death or dying.  Wondering if it were perhaps something more of a spirituallysomatic phenomena, if anything.  Our attitude is shaped by out thoughts that we hold, which we feed ourselves with, much more and much deeper, than with the physical food that we comsume.)  I was told by a nurse practitioner, of a random yet scary fact.  It was this:  Patients of rumatoidal arthritis, will never have the mother present.  And time and time again, whenever there was a patient in a room with this condition,  even when the whole family is there, the mother is not in the picture. )  I'm curiously trying to piece this puzzle together.  Wondering if it is more than a coincidence that also, those individuals who, as babies, were taken away from their mothers at birth, for jaundice, and put under lights in sterile hard cribs for days or weeks before going home for the first time, aren't also i that category.  Studies have shown in recent years, they too, have been seen to have underdeveloped ways of successfully dealing with their emotions.  And a few years before that, it was published that the baby needs the tactile and physical closeness, so that as it's brainpathways form, when it is in physical/emotional distress, the comforting of the mother can help to reset that experience, whilst the baby learns how to experience a recentering effect, emotionally- mentally and physically.  (Remember the chimp baby that chose the soft mother, over the hard mother that did have food?  Obviously the top priority stands clear here.)  So as far as energetically, this paragraph has been about all varieties of observations.  Reiki Practitioners have noticed very weak Kidney Chi, as well as Throat Chakra energy. (serious blockages/ stagnation)

Highly Recommended Book:
Fibromyalgia and Chronic Myofascial Pain: A Survival Manual (2nd Edition) (Paperback)
(Learn about the connection of FMS and Thyroid Complications, Cancer Risks, And MORE, Far Out Important Pragmatic Applications to Daily Life, Etc)


Strength.   Tight muscles are weakened because they are tight.
(Have you noticed as the muscles disappear, the Tention grows?)
So, I am wondering if there is any direct correlation to the brain in that similar sense.   Represented in analogy form:
Tight Body Muscles  :  Obstacle to Strength/Function  ::
Strained Brain  :  Obstacles to Strength/Function 

If this were so, we could then look at how and what we can do about this.


In my experience, nappying belly down on a massage table, and pranayama / meditative deep breathing, as often as can be practiced throughout a day, has given much relished relief. (of physical/mental distress.)   Would love to hear about what others find helpful ;).

Thank you for being here, EIR, as I really needed a safe space & place to blog about such affecting matters such as these.


A Thorough Disagreement to the Theory that Fibromyalgia is simply PsychosomaticDynamic Neural Retraining Program (DNRS)


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  • Hi Eireann

    Just read your article, I think we've been reading the same books!!!

    I have read Dr sarnos books, and while they annoyed me immensely,as any suggestion that fibro, or any of these illnesses is pychosomatic is stigmatising.

    I did a little thought experiment with myself. IF there was no stigma would I be willing to undergo pscyo based treatments for fibro? My anser to that is yes. easch of us has to answer for themself.

    IN fairness to J.sarno he also sees diabestes and espescially hypertension as mindbody disorders. I have a friend with hypertension who treasts me like a nutter since having this condition.

    Trigger point therapy is very helpful to me for my fibro, although i know Dr sarno doesnt approve as he believes this re-enforces the belief in the sub concious mind that its a "real" illness. He also suggests that body based treatments for these conditions can be dangerous as if they are successful the sub concious will have to move to another condition for an outlet for the psychic pain, which if true has enormous implications.

    Anyhow triggor point works for me.,so i iwll continue, after all I doubt I could afford Dr sarnos fees,


    Comment last edited on about 6 years ago by Maff
  • Hi Eireann,

    Welcome to the site and thanks for such an informative and thought-provoking first post! You've provided links to some great books and websites :)

    The mind-body connection is something that most of us with fibromyalgia and related illnesses have thought about and looked into and ultimately I think it will be key in explaining and treating not just people like us but those with any illness - if only the medical profession would be more open in the present.

    No need to say thanks. This is exactly why EIR is here - for the sharing of information, experiences and ideas. We need to help each other out on our journeys back to wellness.

    I for one look forward to reading future posts from you. All the best!

    Comment last edited on about 6 years ago by Maff

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