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Die-off and meditation

Posted by Posted on in EirBlog
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Interesting first week on the Threelac.

I made the initial mistake of continuing the dose of my regular probiotic (50 bill per capsule) whilst introducing one sachet of Threelac. As a result my brain fog reached mach 10 in a couple of days which resulted in poor sleep, accompanied by general mild die off symptoms. I quickly cut back the dose to prevent anything too strenuous.
The good news is my liver and bowel movements have been holding up well. Threelac and die-off in general both often result in constipation in the early stages which makes clearing out Candida equivalent to skating uphill.  

Had a quick look into molybdenum. As is the case with most supplements there are positives and negative arguments. The positive side suggests that molybdenum is a mineral that can break down acetaldehyde (one of the Candida toxins) into acetic acid. As Acetaldehyde cannot be excreted from the body, it accumulates, stressing the liver. Its accumulation in the body is (apparently) responsible for muscle weakness, irritation and pain. The flip side is apparently it can cause copper deficiency, which has some nasty symptoms if severe.

I’ve decided to order a bottle and try a drop a day as it’s relatively cheap.   

I also tried my some meditation at the local Buddhist centre. Attempting this whilst you have die off and brain fog is tricky, but I still found it worthwhile. The ‘style’ of meditation is simply mindfulness meditation, aimed at maintaining your focus in the present. Those that have read books by Eckhart Tolle will be familiar with the principals and benefits of attempting to live in the present, and it’s difficult to find fault with the concepts. Unfortunately those that have a mental component to illness will find it difficult, as I discovered last night, however despite feeling like the whole experience was difficult, upon exiting the meditation I did notice a slight shift in consciousness which hopefully meant on some level, however small, I was able to focus on the present for sections of time.


Die-off and meditationDynamic Neural Retraining Program (DNRS)


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People in this conversation

  • I know all too well how frustrating it is when you can't tolerate a large number of supplements or medication that should really help you...in theory. Sorry the Threelac didn't work out.

    I learnt a form of mantra meditation with the Buddhist organization Soka Gakkai International (SGI) but if you aren't interested in participating in a religious organization then it probably isn't for you. I'm sure you will find lots of information on mantra meditation you can teach yourself online.

    That's a pretty comprehensive list of tests you've got there. The only thing I would say is that I don't really trust the CDSA as particularly reliable for detecting exactly what is going on in terms of gut dysbiosis, SIBO, and yeast. Since you want to get to the bottom of your brain fog I'd recommend an organic acids urine test as this is one way of determining levels of neurotransmitters and will also give you more information regarding your gut (it detects microbial metabolites). The best one is available from Metametrix Clinical Laboratory in the US but I'm not sure if it is available from here in the UK, I will have to look into that. Another one for dysbiosis is the gut fermentation profile available from Biolab (UK) in London. This detects the levels of various alcohols in the blood which are produced by gut bacteria following ingestion of a glucose solution.

    Good luck with your supplements. I've found tribulus and melatonin very helpful. Let us know how you get on with them - maybe review them on the site if you have time ;)

    Comment last edited on about 9 years ago by Maff
  • Thanks chap,

    Well it was a short journey with the Threelac and I've decided to discontinue. When I'm sensitive to something my mouth seem to water constantly and I've noticed that this past week. Nothing else in my regime has changed so I think finally threelac will be laid to rest.

    I've actually put in a sizeable order with iherb this week, which includes pantethine, as well as vitamin C (2 different delivery systems), NAC, tribulus, melatonin, rice bran, magnesium citrate, and regular B5.

    I'll google it anyway but do you have any links to information about Mantra meditation? That does sound like a more suitable method for me also. So many thoughts went through my mind when I tried the mindfullness, and I was more concerned about my stomach gurgling and a parking ticket than the meditation!

    My shares did well this week so hopefully I should have enough spare cash to do a full round of testing towards the end of this year.

    Based on what you've heard so far from me do you think I would be missing any key areas from the following list?

    - Comprehensive digestive stool analysis + parasitology
    - Detoxification profile
    - Adrenal Stress Index
    - Intestinal permeability
    - Full thyroid screen
    - Hair mineral analysis

    All available from genova. Another useful addition would be a complete hormone screen, but I've been unable to find one. I am due to see an endocrinologist in a couple of weeks so maybe I could get a copy of the results, if he isn't to arsey about it.

    I'd love to get to the bottom of my brain fog if there is anything else along those lines to test for.

    Comment last edited on about 9 years ago by Maff
  • Thanks for another update Konnor - I hope the die-off has dropped down a notch after you adjusted your probiotic regimine.

    Molybdenum is certainly worth looking into because as you have discovered it is essential for the highly toxic product of Candida metabolism - acetaldehyde. [URL=http://www.ei-resource.org/treatment--nutritional-supplements/nutrients-mr/pantethine/]Pantethine[/URL] (a bioactive form of vitamin B5 ) is also important in this process. If you haven't already, have a look at this article - [URL=http://www.ei-resource.org/articles/candida-and-gut-dysbiosis-articles/the-candidaaldehyde-detox-pathway-and-the-molybdenum-connection/]The Candida/Aldehyde detox pathway and the Molybdenum Connection[/URL].

    It's great that you're trying meditation. I have been practicing it daily for a number of years now and find it helps to lift me and motivate me at the start of the day and help me relax in the evening. The form I use is "mantra" meditation which involves chanting a short phrase over and over to focus the mind. This may be easier for you than mindfullness meditation. I found due to my stress levels and continuous "mental noise" that mindfullness was just too difficult. Mantra meditation brings all the same benfits but is much easier in my experience. Of course it is a case of finding what is right for you as an individual. Everyone is different.

    Good luck with everything...

    Comment last edited on about 9 years ago by Maff

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