Gupta Program: New Website and Online Course Launched

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Gupta ProgramMany of those afflicted by environmental and / or invisible illness will have heard of Ashok Gupta or the Gupta Program he created. If you haven't, the Gupta Program is a form of brain retraining that focuses on re-wiring the limbic system (specifically, amygdala) within the brain using what's known as neuroplasticity; the ability of the brain to create new synaptic pathways. In this case the phenomena is used for creating pathways more conducive to health and recovery from complex multi-system illnesses.

There is now much scientific and medical evidence that the likes of chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS), fibromyalgia and multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) result from hyperactivity of the limbic system. Since this area of the brain is not under conscious control and is responsible for the fight or flight response (more accurately - fight-flight-freeze) and governs the hypothalamic-pitiutary-adrenal (HPA) axis, it is easy to see how hyperactive responses to stress, infection, or environmental toxins, for example, could lead to the conditions The Gupta Program aims to address; as does Annie Hopper's Dynamic Neural Retraining System (DNRS).

The Gupta Program was originally conceived by Ashok Gupta over a decade ago after he found his own way back to health from ME/CFS. After many success stories, some of which have been shared by EiR members here, Gupta has refined his Program further and launched a brand new user-friendly website which includes a video explanation of what the Program involves given by Gupta himself and a host of free resources detailing his own healing journey, the history of the Gupta program, how it works, and what is new in the recently updated v5.0 Program.

Of course, nothing is entirely free in this world, so there are options to become a free member of the new website and upgrade to the full Gupta Program v5.0 at a later date, or simply sign up for the Full Program from the off, with prices varying depending on whether you wish to purchase simple the course itself (online or DVD) or accompanying coaching from Gupta himself. A Group Webinar Series is also available through this new website where participants in the Gupta Program can swap notes and ask questions of Gupta so as to make the most of his therapy and attain the best results.

Essentially, the new website and Gupta Program has made what was already a very successful therapy in the invisible illness world much more "user-friendly" and accessible. Going by the incredible success stories of complete recovery, from MCS in particular, we have heard here at The Environmental Illness Resource, we feel it is well worth taking a look and at least watching Gupta's introductory video and registering as a free member. You can then decide if it's for you and purchase the Gupta Program v5.0 itself when you feel ready or are in the financial position to do so.

As the Gupta Program in its original form has been around so long, and most of you will no doubt have heard of it through social media or websites like ours, it seems a little redundant to offer a big explanation of how the Program works here. However, it's worth giving a few key points in case this is all new to you. So, the Gupta Program is and provides: 

  • A Brain Retraining Program (utilizing neural plasticity to reduce a hyperactive limbic system)
  • Involves 7 Core Steps
  • Uses a Variety of Techniques / Mental Exercises (much based on meditation practices, hypnosis/hypnotherapy, NLP, yoga, relaxation techniques and so on)
  • Requires Regular / Daily Practice (in order for brain retraining to work we must reinforce new, healthy "programming")
  • Backed by Many Positive Testimonials & Growing Scientific Evidence
  • Available Online or in DVD Format
  • Coaching With Ashok Gupta
  • Group Webinars
  • Free Resources

So, if any of this sounds appealing to you, or you know someone who has already had success with Gupta's earlier Programs (it was formerly known as Ashok Gupta's Amygdala Retraining Program), why not check out the new website and its free resources and membership today at - GuptaProgram.com

If you, like most of us, have been from doctor to doctor and spent a fortune on nutritional supplements and alternative therapies all without success, simply watching Gupta talk and reading his free resources may give you new hope that recovery is possible. I recovered from severe MCS myself using techniques such as meditation and self-hypnosis, so I have a huge amount of faith that Gupta is on the right track!

For more information on Brain Retraining in general, feel free to check out EiR's own dedicated page for a more detailed look - here.

As someone who has been through the worst MCS has to offer and come out the other side (13 years ago now), I only recommend therapies and treatment options that I feel have a genuine chance of helping my fellow invisible illness survivors; The Gupta Program is certainly one such option worthy of investigating! 

Gupta Program​  


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