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Lifewave Glutathione Patch - Will it Improve Liver Function?

Posted by Posted on in EirBlog
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LifeWave Glutathione PatchI have been surprisingly impressed with LifeWave patches in the past. I have tried the Energy Enhancer patch for increased energy and stamina, the Silent Nights patch for improved sleep and the Glutathione patch and found them all to have powerful beneficial effects.

When trying the Glutathione patch previously I used a standard placement on the body recommended in the accompanying booklet. Since glutathione is the body's major antioxidant and promotes detoxification the LifeWave literature warns that the wearer may "experience detoxification symptoms such as a sore throat, headache, fatigue or nausea."

This is exactly what I experienced the first few times I wore the patches. Within 15 minutes of placing the patch on my body I experienced nausea, headache, and a toxic/flu-like feeling which I took as a sign that the patch was working as intended - raising glutathione levels in my body and mobilizing toxins for excretion.

LifeWave claim that the Glutathione patch increases blood glutathione levels by 300% in 24 hours. I would love to put this to the test personally and have blood levels monitored. I'm sure many readers would be interested in the results of this testing as much as I would so if I am able to get it done I will post an update here.

I haven't used the Glutathione patches for a while mainly due to cost and wanting to use my cash to try other things. However, after learning a little more about the LifeWave patches and how they work by stimulating acupuncture points on the body I decided it would be worth trying the Glutathione patch again but this time placing it on an acupuncture point directly related to the liver.

I have suffered from pretty bad liver toxicity for years as a result of gut dysbiosis (fungal and bacterial) and increased intestinal permeability (leaky gut syndrome). I experience symptoms including pale stools, jaundice, abdominal pain, headaches, flu-like feelings, fatigue and mood distubances. Liver testing has shown elevated GGT supporting the idea that I have an increased toxic load on the liver. GGT can be elevated by drinking alcohol or taking pharmaceutical drugs but I had done neither for years at the time of testing.

I have found a number of herbs which benefit my liver function including Tribulus terrestris, ginseng, guduchi and schizandra. The improvement in all symptoms when I take these herbs are associated with my stools returning to a normal deep brown colour.

So starting today I am using the LifeWave Glutathione patch again but this time placing it on an acupuncture point known as LV3 or its Chinese name Tai Chong which translates as 'Great Surge'. LV3 is used to directly stimulate the liver meridian.

Testamonials elsewhere on the internet from LifeWave Glutathione patch users suggest placing the patches on this acupuncture point can greatly improve liver function (presumably by elevating liver glutathione specifically). So I will now put this to the test myself and report back with my findings...


How To Purchase LifeWave Patches: You will need to go through an Independent LifeWave Distributor to purchase the patches. You can go through the EiR Distributor page here -  www.lifewave.com/ei-resource - and please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for help and support.


To read reviews of LifeWave patches or write a review yourself visit our LifeWave Patch reviews section.

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  • Hello Rudy - I have never heard of a urine home test kit to Glutathione and I know a lot about Glutathione.
    Also what do you mean -
    'also is it true that the body can maximum take 600mg G-SH in every 2 hours?'

    Comment last edited on about 8 years ago by Maff
  • Jonny - I can imagine how you feel and why you wont use the patches until after your urine test - but remember that nothing goes into your skin (from the patches) Its amazing isnt it.
    The detox protocol is inclusive of the YAge and Energy patches, together. If you dont find an improvement with the glutathione and Carnisine, you should do it. Good luck.

    Comment last edited on about 8 years ago by Maff
  • Thanks cleon...thats awesome youve had good experiences with the patches. I got mine a couple days ago but i need to stay off all supplements/nutritional things for a urine test, ill start the patches soon.
    I got the glutathione and carnosine patches + spray... but what is the detox protocal?

    Comment last edited on about 8 years ago by Maff
  • Hello Jonny, I have had a lot of experience with the patches and CF and MS. One woman is out of here wheel chair - another has gone back to her dancing! However a close friend of mine had no success after 2weeks on the patches and then gave up. I was so disappointed!
    Considering you have been unwell for a number of years it may take some time, so dont give up easily. I think you should really be using the whole detox protocol not just the Energy Patches.
    The founder of the patches (and CEO) David Schmidt is due to wA early March - I am looking forward to meeting him and learning a whole lot more. I think these patches are capable of many good things

    Comment last edited on about 8 years ago by Maff
  • Thank you to everyone for your contributions. It seems there is a lot of interest in the LifeWave patches which is great as I really do think they are something special that people need to try for themselves.

    King - Good luck using the patches. Please come back and let us know if they helped you or not ;)

    Comment last edited on about 8 years ago by Maff
  • If this is of any help to you all. The patches work with your owm elctromagnetic field and a message goes into the acuepressure point and through the meridians. Nothing actually enters the body - its an an amazing product. The SP6 - for weight loss actually 'tells' your hypothalumas to stop craving for sugar and carbs, to eat less and use fat cells as energy. And thats exactly what the do!! Cheers

  • I am sooo pleased to read that some people are trying the Glutathione patches. I am a Lifewave member and have researched the YAGE. which consists of the Glutathione and also the Carnisine. Study the info on the net, especially regarding the Glut'.
    It will go to the areas of the body that are inflamed and needs repairing. I am concerned however that they are not being used below the navel (as suggested)as from this placement the whole body is 'covered'
    Check on the net regarding some fairly bad diseases - Glut is the basis for repairing for all problems espcially inflamation.
    The Energy patches should be of benefit too for Enviromental illnesses, as they 'open blocked merideans and get rid of toxins and most importantly heavy metals - these are the biggest problems of all. If i can help with information I have aquired regarding the patches, please ask.

    Comment last edited on about 8 years ago by Maff
  • No problem.

    You were on the right track with SAM-E. Along with PPC (polyenylphosphatidylcholine) SAM-E has the most research behind it proving it DOES indeed increase glutathione (better than NAC or glutathione itself as supplements).

    These patches are something different though. I can't explain them scientifically but they do seem to do what they say - and very well!

    If you'd like to support my work on the site by buying through my distributor id then use this link (if not no problem, happy to have helped) - [url]www.lifewave.com/ei-resource[/url]

    Comment last edited on about 8 years ago by Maff
  • Hey Chris, glad you enjoyed the blog post :)

    The LV3 acupuncture point is located on the right foot between the big toe and the second toe. Specifically it is in the webbing between the bones towards the point where they meet.

    Should you decide to purchase the patches the accompanying booklet includes a diagram of exactly where LV3 is found. Alternatively there are many acupuncture website that describe the varous points. Here's an example: [url]http://www.yinyanghouse.com/acupuncturepoints/lv3[/url]

    If you do use a glutathione patch at LV3 and you're chronically ill or known to have major toxicity in your body I'd recommend trying it during a quiet period when you don't have much on. The reaction I had really was very powerful!

    Comment last edited on about 8 years ago by Maff
  • Well after using the glutathione patches at the LV3 point I can report that the results were dramatic! Previously having worn them at different recommended points I had experienced what I'd now describe as mild detoxification reactions which lasted for only a short time then passed. This had happened for only the first few patches and then I'd continued to use them for a month without noticing any further reaction.

    When placing at LV3 the "detox" reaction was much more intense and lasted all day.....each time I wore the patch there. I wore 4 patches leaving a day inbetween but found the reaction too much. I felt like I had flu and on the 4th patch I just felt so drained and sleepy all day I was in bed at 7 (instead of my usual 10-11).

    Unfortunately with such powerful reactions I have had to stop using the patches for now as I have studies and website work to be getting on with. This little experiement tells me however that the LifeWave Glutathione patch really does appear to be a powerful glutathione booster and I hope to use them to raise my glutathione in the future when I am able to mitigate the detox reaction or have more time on my hands to wait it out.

    If anyone else tries the patches at LV3 and/or any of the other recommended points please let us know your experiences. :)

    Comment last edited on about 8 years ago by Maff

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