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My old diet. Read at risk!

Posted by Posted on in EirBlog
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Thought I'd post this, to provide some shock value.


Pretty much my complete diet from when I was a child to 2 years ago (roughly age 5-22) consisted of the foods below. I've gone in and colour coded items, red for very bad, orange for bad and green for good.


Instant noodles, coco pops, corn flakes, rice crispies, sugar puffs, cheerios, golden grahams, weetabix, shreddies, wheetos, special K, milk, cheese, eggs, dolmio, white pasta, pastries, chicken pies, chicken kievs, mushy peas, crisps, tortillas, snack a jacks, golden syrup, chocolate, powerade, lucozade, red bull, Ribena, Vimto, Blackcurrant, instant coffee, tea, frozen vegetables, smoothies, baked potatoes, tinned beans, tinned chilli con carnie, pre packed sandwiches, mayonnaise, ketchup, salad cream, ham, cooked chicken breast (prepacked), turkey breast (prepacked), salad, crusty bread, porked pies, scotch eggs, salami, Cornish pasties, corned beef, takeaways - McDonalds, Burger King, kebabs, Indian, Chinese, subway, pizza, ready meals - chilli, tagliatelle, cannelloni, lasagne, risotto, carbonara, chicken tikka, chicken korma, Yorkshire puddings, quiche, garlic bread, tinned tuna, Ben and Jerry's, Bolognese, bacon sandwiches,  potato/pasta bakes, stir fry's + sauce, oven chips, instant gravy, chocolate biscuits, Pringles, peanut butter, lager, beer, sausage rolls, brownies, viennetta, hash browns, fish fingers, battered cod, hot cumberland sausages, hot and spicy sausages, hot and spicy drumsticks, croissants, crumpets, butter, bread sticks, hummus, caeser salad dressing, French dressing, nutella, steak, onion rings, potato wedges (+dip), burgers, chicken burgers, instant soup, hot chocolate, pitta breads, olives, fajita kits, tuna pasta bake, mince, popcorn (salt), coleslaw, potato salad, strawberries, apples, melon, cream, tinned fruit, cottage pie, cauliflower cheese, jacobs crackers, philadelphia, snack a jacks, melba toast, uncle bens express rice, malt vinegar, tinned pasta shapes, scampi, sandwich fillers, prawns, marie rose sauce, sushi, fruit/crunch corners, flake yoghurts, rolo yoghurts, Muller rice, parma ham, naan bread.


It may also come as a slight shock that I never exceeded 11 stone, for a 6ft 3 male. Where did it all go?!


Whenever I doubt my health I can take a quick look at that list and gain some perspective on the damage that has been done since childhood. I was bought up on poor quality commercial food and continued with these same choices through university and a couple of years after. Am I responsible? To a certain extent yes. I had no knowledge of nutrition growing up and I honestly though my diet wasn't that bad. I was certainly a marketing executives dream, devouring all the advertised garbage shown around the supermarkets and on TV.


Although I think the country is very slowly waking up to the importance of good nutrition, there are many people out there still consistently eating rubbish, and not necessarily becoming obese as a result. The explosion in allergies, diabetes and obesity are the obvious conditions, however more subtle problems are coming to the fore such as Candida and hypoglycaemia. Incorrectly administered toxic pharmaceuticals are adding to the problem which simply goes to line the pockets of these food producers and drug manufacturers.


My old diet. Read at risk!Dynamic Neural Retraining Program (DNRS)


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People in this conversation

  • Hi Nicole,

    A long course of anti-malarials without concurrent use of probiotics to maintain your gut flora could certainly have triggered a cascade of events leading to your poor health. It's great to hear that diet and herbal supplements have helped you and especially encouraging to hear you've been able to start jogging again. Way to go!
    Unfortunately most doctors react in the way you've experienced and even the ones who are sympathetic (my current GP is great - finally found a good one!) have their hands tied by treatment guidelines, regulations and funding (either government or insurance depending on your country).
    Not sure what film to recommend at the moment to be honest. I saw Paranormal Activity last night which is good if you're into creepy horror movies in the style of Blair Witch Project. UP is really good if you like Pixar cartoons (and who doesn't!) and if you can catch it in 3D even better. I've not seen Couples Retreat but that looks pretty funny. Have a good time whatever you see ;)

    Comment last edited on about 7 years ago by Maff
  • Cheers fella. Anyone would think your studying in this area..... ;)

    Your probably right about genetic susceptibility and medications. I have taken occasional courses of broad spectrum antibiotics in the past. Fortunately for me I didn't stick to the schedule so was rarely on them for any consistent length of time. I did often go back to them though over the years.

    I also first experienced hypogylcemia when I was 19, a good 4 years before other health problems showed up. Not really a history of any diabetes in my family and my brother and dad have pretty much iron metabolisms!

    Hey-ho. I guess it's more a shock to those that know a little bit about nutrition as we know all the bad stuff that goes into commercial products. I'm glad I understand the importance of quality food at my age and can pass this on to friends, family and any offspring. Just need to find a wife......

    Comment last edited on about 7 years ago by Maff
  • Sorry your colour coding hasn't shown up konnor but a very interesting post none the less!

    Although you have compiled a huge list of junk food there that has made up your diet for most of your life I don't think you should take it out of context. I'd be willing to bet that if anyone aged 20-40 did the same their list would be very similar - and the majority of 24 year olds aren't suffering from all the health problems that you are.

    Don't get me wrong I know nutrition plays a major role in disease (I am studying for a degree in nutritional health!) but most diet associated disease would show up later in life. Young bodies are generally very resilient so when illness such as you and I are suffering from shows up in our teens and twenties there has to be other underlying factors e.g. strong genetic susceptibility, medications (antibiotics, corticosteroids etc), toxic exposures, infections - you get the picture.

    So...don't blame yourself or your parents for your illness, society as a whole has had a huge impact on the decline in diet quality. And the fact is 99% of the population of your age ate the same diet and are out their enjoying their health and their lives. It's good to put a positive spin on things so think of it this way. You are now likely to eat a truly healthy diet from the age of 24 to old age which can only be a good thing!

    Comment last edited on about 7 years ago by Maff

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