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The Spirit of the Virus

Posted by Posted on in EirBlog
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Black death, Plague, Pandemic, Ring around the rosy, 150 million dead, millions more maimed and dying… In the dark ages the Spirit of the Virus was all that existed - a death wind that blew no good. There was no such thing as science; no microscope to give the virus the crystalline form we know today.

However, the Spirit of the Virus lives on today and is breathed to life in its gullible victims. It is known by many names, Swine Flu, Avian Flu, H1N1, SARS, Ebola… The masses slurp in every whisper of news about the impending virus and with crazed minds suspecting every tickle in their throat, every cough of their neighbor. Like the shadows of a setting sun the Spirit of the Virus moves across the landscape enveloping all in its path who beckoned it with their fear.

The Spirit of the Virus is fueled by fear. It knows its victim’s RNA and DNA are crystalline structures much like itself. It needs the transformative negative emotional energy of its victim’s fear to cause the precise shifts in the crystalline genetic expression in order to be incorporated into the crystalline matrix of it victim.

Without fear the trillions of crystalline RNA and DNA fibers that make up the holographic lattice of the human body will not accept and will repel the viral invader with ease.

The Spirit of the Virus causes many to wear “protective” crystal amulets on necklaces and rings, just as the now dusty victims of years gone by did in hopes of shielding themselves from the impending doom. Quartz, diamonds, and gemstones of all shades adorn its victims, who fail to realize the only protection necessary was to walk the joyful path, to walk in the light, and to live in optimum integrity of body, mind, and spirit.

Little did these gem-adorned victims know that their crystals opened portals of entry into their own beautiful crystalline-matrix body for the crystalline viral invader.

Two millennia ago a sage warned, “We are destroyed from a lack of knowledge.” Knowledge of what, we may ask? Are we not in the “Information Age?” Knowledge is power, is it not?

I say, “We are now destroyed from the illusion of having knowledge.”

A pharmaceutical company’s slogan touted “Better health through chemistry!” It seemed to be true for many years. Our chemistry and drugs are not saving us now. The writing is on the wall. The Spirit of the Virus is feeding upon our dependence upon chemistry as we fearfully submit our arms and the arms of our children to the needles for the weaker cousins of the Virus to pre-pave a more gentle entry into our crystalline bodies that are being prepared to become more like them.

A million may fall at thy side and ten million at thy right hand, but no pestilence shall come near your dwelling, nor shall the Spirit of the Virus come near you. Because you have made your driving passion, your highest calling, to becoming the embodiment and personification of God’s love; and have learned the true knowledge of the universal truths; and because you walk in all conditions of unconditional love; and because you know who you are as a Divine spiritual being having a physical experience – no shadow of fear will come upon you.

Your eyes see only Divine perfection in all things. Your ears hear joyful and good news. Your heart and mouth will sing with joyful praise repeating the name of your Creator. You will experience only joyful interactions.

You are a crystalline being of Divine Light and Love. In as much, you are invincible by design. You know who you are and you know what rights that gives you in all dimensions. You are empowered to have above and beyond all that you can ask or think, because of He who restored your correct alignment with your Creator.

Your crystalline RNA and DNA are completely impervious to any negative force. When you consciously and purposely operate in Optimum Health you are a pure beam of light upon which nothing can stick. Only when we allow ourselves to become physical beings does any negative thing begin to stick to us.

No darkness, however intense, can put out the light of even the smallest candle. Be the light that you are! The Spirit of the Virus has no power over you that you don’t give it through fear and ignorance of universal truth!

Dr. David Jernigan maintains a blog at www.DrJerniganBlog.com if you would like to read additional articles, and sees patients at the Hansa Center for Optimum Health .


The Spirit of the VirusDynamic Neural Retraining Program (DNRS)


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